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ACA Exam Study Guide: Web Authoring Using Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Assessment Published 10/2/14 Last updated on 3/2/20

Use this study guide to prepare for the Adobe Certified Associate Web Authoring Using Adobe Dreamweaver CC exam. The study guide includes preparation materials and a practice exam to use as you prepare.

For more information about the Adobe Certified Associate program, please visit

To prepare students for the ACA exams, utilize the Adobe Digital Careers curriculum.

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Susanne Szep

Posted on 10/7/19 6:38:42 PM Permalink

Dreamweaver CC 2018 exam is available through Certiport using their new Compass testing tool.

Would love to see an updated study guide to match.

Key things to know: if you are working with the latest CC2019, in order to test in the Certiport environment,

  1. You must have DW CC 2018 v 18.2.1 installed on your testing computer.​ So, you might have to uninstall the latest version of DW to install this older version.
  2. You must open and close the DW application prior to launching Compass. Do this when you first log into the testing computer.

There are other issues that my school district has not yet resolved with Certiport. I have been able to launch and complete part 1, which is the question part of the certification test. I have not yet been able to launch part 2, the performance part, successfully. A variety of issues occur.

If anyone else is experiencing issues, let Certiport know.

Interestingly, I did not experience problems with the Premiere CC 2018 exam. Was able to launch both parts of the exam in the same testing session (although, loading the video files for the performance portion of the test took 20 minutes the first time on a testing computer.

Susan Szep

Posted on 10/11/19 4:33:17 PM Permalink

Update: a significant issue I had during the performance part of the test was the typing lag. It was pretty much a show stopper. It prevented me from completing comments on the questions I'd flagged to leave comments for.

Adobe Education

Posted on 7/25/17 4:52:28 PM Permalink

​Hi Everyone,

With the help of members of the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) and Adobe Education Leader communities, we have updated these study guides. These guides now link to the most up-to-date Adobe Dreamweaver CC documentation and tutorials related to the Adobe Certified Associate Web Authoring Using Using Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015 exam.

Additionally, the Digital Careers Teaching Materials have been updated and organized to help you find the resources you need to help you prepare your students for this and other ACA exams.

We hope that these materials prove to be useful for both you and your students.

Sharon Buckman

Posted on 4/3/17 1:12:24 PM Permalink

​I used and Gmetrix and my students did NOT do well on the Cert. Test. I am looking at this Study Guide and I dont see the data files that goes with it?

Susan Szep

Posted on 3/6/17 5:46:01 PM Permalink

My students are testing in ACA Web Authoring using Adobe Dreamweaver.

We are testing with the Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015 version.

All study materials, ALL of them, state that there are 6 domains being tested:

  • Domain 1.0 Setting Project Requirements
  • Domain 2.0 Planning Site Design and Page Layout
  • Domain 3.0 Understanding the Adobe Dreamweaver Interface
  • Domain 4.0 Adding Content by Using Dreamweaver
  • Domain 5.0 Organizing Content by Using Dreamweaver
  • Domain 6.0 Evaluating and Maintaining a Site by Using Dreamweaver
  • sources:

However, on the test we are currently taking for Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015, the grade report shows that only 5 domains are being tested.


  1. Setting Project Requirements
  2. Understanding Web Authoring
  3. Understanding Adobe Dreamweaver CC
  4. Web Authoring Using Adobe Dreamweaver CC
  5. Testing Publishing and Maintaining Web Content Using Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Brittani Millington

Posted on 3/6/17 5:51:21 PM Permalink

Thanks so much this information. I have just emailed them too so hopefully we'll get something. ​

Dan Armstrong

Posted on 8/8/18 6:21:09 PM Permalink

This has now been updated to be used with the new domains. ​

Susan Szep

Posted on 3/6/17 5:45:11 PM Permalink

William Hill

Posted on 11/16/16 2:15:07 AM Permalink

​Yes, I agree with Susan Szep below. And have you provided the accompanying files yet? If so, where are they? Thank you very much.

After reading the first 26 pages of the 57 page PDF study guide for the Dreamweaver CC ACA certification exam, I am beginning to doubt if it is sufficient to the task! It's talking about AP Divs in the practice exercise and there are no AP Divs in CC2015.3!! How on earth can I prepare for the ACA using old study materials?? Also, it mentions categories on the Insert panel that just aren't there, such as Layout. There is no Layout category!

How about it Adobe? Do you have a current study guide? I sure hope so as I have been hearing that your ACA for Dreamweaver is much harder than it used to be for CS6. I need some help from you!

Adobe Education

Posted on 11/23/16 5:59:14 PM Permalink

William and Susan,

At this time we have not updated the study guides past the initial CC release in 2013. In the meantime you can use the Digital Careers Curriculum material (which will be updated through the first part 2017 to most current CC release) and the exam preparation materials here: When we have updated these study guides we will announce to the AEE community.

Thanks for your patience.

The AEE Team

Susan Szep

Posted on 1/1/17 12:11:02 AM Permalink

Your link is not working. ?? ​

Susan Szep

Posted on 1/1/17 12:12:29 AM Permalink

Hi. The above link does not take us to any exam preparation materials. Am I overlooking something?​

Susan Szep

Posted on 2/17/17 7:54:02 PM Permalink

The link you provide does not work. Please update. Thanks.

Adobe Education

Posted on 2/22/17 9:07:49 PM Permalink

Brittani Millington

Posted on 3/6/17 5:27:02 PM Permalink

There is still nothing on there for the Dreamweaver CC ACA Exam for the 2015 version. The latest I see is for CS6. Am I missing something?

Kent Carter

Posted on 7/12/17 10:15:19 PM Permalink

The CS6 ACA Exam has some of the same training material as the 2015.1+ CC [Creative Cloud] Exam.

The ACA DW 2015 CC Exam = Certiport 39 Q.

That's why they are giving out the CS6 guide. The remaining material you're not covered by CS6 from the items available to CC, you can research online separately with DW2015 CC application open doing browser searches.

Use this URL to get the instant FREE access to train for the DW CC 2015: Click on the DW green icon videos

The ACA Exam shows the CS6 curriculum only:

Domain 6.0 Evaluating and Maintaining a Site by Using Dreamweaver CS6 [NEW DW 2015 CC DOMAIN 5.0 Objectives BOLD]
6.1 Conduct technical tests.
6.2 Identify techniques for basic usability tests.
6.3 Identify methods for collecting site feedback.
6.4 Manage assets, links, and files for a site.
6.5 Publish and update site files to a remote server.

OLD Domain 5.0 Organizing Content by Using Dreamweaver
5.7 Add head content to make a web page visible to search engines.

[NEW DW 2015 CC DOMAIN 5.0 Objectives BOLD]

5.4 - Demonstrate knowledge of how to optimize web content to make it visible to search engines

This above is this OLD portion of the older ACA exam objectives, now Domain 5.0 of the DW 2015 CC is described on the CS6 version here:

The reason I'm saying this is I'm having to like the rest of the posters here, figure out what we can do to prep for this exam.

Please read this for a comparison of CC vs. CS6:

Here is the stuff specific to DW CC from that chart in a short list to study online:

Responsive design *Add Visual Media Queries Bar*
Improved code editor with Emmet support and linting
Live View
Reengineered with 64-bit architecture
Starter templates
Live Guides, Insert and Highlight
Element Quick View
Live View Property Inspector
CSS Designer
Site Management - Certificate Support
Help Center
Sync Settings
Edge Web Fonts
jQuery UI Widget
Streamlined HTML5 audio and video
Faster HTML5 element insertion

Adobe has a huge list of material online + you can obtain the Adobe Dreamweaver 2015 Release Classroom In A Book - Ebook by Jim Maivald.


That's what I would do in preparation. I'm freestyling over here myself but no big deal. I'm enjoying this exam prep.

Kelly Coxe

Posted on 5/16/16 5:09:08 PM Permalink

Susan Szep

Posted on 2/25/16 3:44:49 AM Permalink

At the end, there is a simulation exercise included, however there are no accompanying files.
Also, has the study guide or the test been updated for releases later than CC 2013? Spry widgets are no longer available with the 2015 release. They've been replaced with bootstrap.