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World's Best Media Arts Student Poster Activity

Lesson Plan Published 1/19/16 Last updated on 5/16/18


In this tutorial you are going to learn how to paste any graphic (image or vector) inside a vector shape using Fireworks. Paste inside is a smart tiny effect that you can use to flavor your images up a spot, and give more professional look. The image below shows how we have pasted an image inside a vector shape.

Activity adapted from: http://www.smartwebby.com/free_tutorials/fireworks_tutorials/photo_effects/paste_inside_effect.asp


Before you begin you need to take a photo of someone in the class. The text will be: World’s Best Media Student

Part 1:

Step 1:

Open Fireworks and create a new file of size 350×350 pixels. Save as: firstlastname_activity5 in your Unit 1/Activity 5 subfolder
Step 2:

  • Draw a circle with the dimensions of 163×163 pixels using Ellipse Tool.
  • Then, type The World’s best Media Student) using the Text Tool .
  • Now select both circle and text, go to Text >> Attach to Path (Ctrl+Shift+Y).
  • Set the Text offset as -130, so that the text will appear on the top of the circle. Text offset is displayed under the properties window. You can adjust the text offset values to place the text within the path. Look at the image below that will show how the text is attached to path:

Step 3:

  • Again draw another circle with the dimensions of 138×138 pixels.
  • Keep the circle closer to the text and import any image (as you like).
  • Now scale the image using Scale Tool . (Don’t use the center point to scale the image; otherwise the image will be stretched. Once you scaled the image, further you should not enlarge the image. If you enlarge the image from smaller one to larger, the image will be pixilated).

Step 4:
Part 2: Paste inside Ellipse & Attach Text to Path

  • You need to paste the image inside the circle. Click and cut the image. Then, select the circle and press. Ctrl+Shift+V to paste inside the circle. Now the image is pasted inside the circle. The image will look as below:

Step 5:

  • Draw another circle over the image with the dimensions of 163 x 163 pixels set the Fill Colour as #003300 and Stroke Colour as none.
  • Since the circle should appear behind the image, go to Modify >>Arrange >> Send to Back (Ctrl+Shift+Down arrow).
  • To apply shadow effect, click the circle. Now on the right side of the properties window, you will find filters, click over the + symbol and choose Drop Shadow from Shadow and Glow.
  • Click on the tiny blue circle with “i” next to the Drop Shadow filter (Edit and arrange live filters button) and set the following values for the filter: Opacity – 30%, Softness – 4, Angle – 315, Distance – 3, Colour – 000000.
  • Save and export your image as firstlastname_activity5.png.

Part 2:

Step 1:

  • Open Fireworks and create a new file of size Wide –400 x Height – 600 pixels. Import an image (Ctrl+R). Save as: firstlastname_activity5part2 in your Unit 1/Activity 5 subfolder.
  • Before you begin it is recommended that you remove the background using the magic wand tool,

Step 2:

  • To make a zigzag curve, select the Pen Tool and draw a zigzag curve. The curve will look as below:

Step 3:

  • Select the Text Tool and write The World’s best Media Student. Now we need to attach the text to the path. For this select both text and path, go to Text >> Attach To Path (Ctrl+Shift+Y).

Step 4:

    • To align the text, go to Text >> Orientation >> Skew Vertical.
    • Now the copy and paste the image in the same position. Then, lock the first image (original image).
    • In the layers panel arrange the text path in between the two images.

Part 2: Duplicate image layer and Swirly (zig-zag path) using Handles

Step 5:

    • Click on the second image and select the Eraser Tool. We recommend you to erase the second image that shows the text front.


  • Create a new Activity 5 sub-page under your Vector Design Unit project on Behance. Upload and insert both files into the page. Provide creative process reflection.

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