Kevin McMahon
VPA Dept Chair, Founder of Design Dojo and Art Heroes

Introducing "Where Creatives Meet Causes"

Web Link Published 5/21/14 Last updated on 6/30/18

I wanted to introducing you to new educational program:

In short, Art Heroes can connect your digital media students (who need to develop their portfolios for college applications and jobs) with local and global non-profit agencies (who need posters, websites, videos, etc. but cannot afford such creative services).

While your student designers, filmmakers, and web developers are welcome to join independently as "Art Hero Students", our greater hopes is that you will join as a member of the "Art Heroes Faculty" - and take advantage of Art Heroes as a way to provide your students with:

1) Real-world clients and experience.

2) Projects to enhance portfolios.

3) An opportunity to better the world with their artistic talents.

While only 2 weeks into beta, we already have members at +40 colleges and high schools. So please consider joining this fast growing program devoted to doing good with our digital talents - and feel free to forward this message to any appropriate parties you can think of (e.g., graphic design instructors, film teachers, non-profit agencies, etc). Simply put, the more teachers and students who get involved with Art Heroes, the more good we can do.

All the best,

Kevin McMahon

Adobe Education Leader


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Stephen Horvath

Posted on 4/10/18 1:38:27 PM Permalink

​Thanks! I'll pass this on to our art department.

Kevin McMahon

Posted on 6/4/14 1:09:27 AM Permalink

Bonnie and Susan,

Thanks for your interest in Art Heroes - all you have to do is go to:


Select "teachers" and fill out the short form. Glad to have you and your students involved in creating for causes. Spread the word!


Bonnie Taylor

Posted on 6/3/14 11:55:22 PM Permalink

Can I join the Art Hero Group. Love the concept and have students whose work could benefit from the exposure. What do I need to do?

Susan Mango Curtis

Posted on 5/28/14 4:27:11 PM Permalink

I would like to join your Art Hero group. This is an absolutely fabulous resource for students in my graphic design course.