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Q & A assignments in Reader! -- PDF Assignment Builder 3.0

Technical Tutorial Published 7/9/12 Last updated on 3/2/20
This free tool was developed at the Faculty Assistance Center for Teaching (FACT) at Utah State University. The PDF Assignment Builder 3.0 allows you to create question-based assignments for online courses--in Adobe Reader. Add up to 25 question/answer groups. Type in your question text and provide instructional text in the answer field if desired. Before sending the assignment to students, "lock" the title, instructions and question fields by changing them to "read-only". Students will open your assignment in Adobe Reader, and fill in the dynamic answer fields (which expand automatically to contain multi-line answers). After submission, you can re-open the student files in Adobe Reader and add inline comments to the answer fields.
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The tool works in the free program Adobe Reader. For assignments that have already been created in a word processor, you can "cut" and "paste" the instructions, questions, etc. into the provided fields.

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