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A Brief Lesson on Color Theory

Digital Asset Published 2/28/16 Last updated on 8/15/18

A perfect little video on Colour Theory by Rhea Lelina Manglapus.

It's a motion piece made with After Effects and Illustrator and is a great way to introduce (or reintroduce) students to some of the important concepts of colour theory in a visually interesting and entertaining way.

Have a look on her Behance page for more works as well as some single frames and GIFs of some sections. She is quite talented.

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ahmed mokhtar

Posted on 11/23/18 7:14:01 PM Permalink


Terry Cross

Posted on 9/19/16 9:31:17 AM Permalink

​Thank You! This has given me some great ideas.

Dan Ross

Posted on 4/21/16 3:17:22 PM Permalink

Amazing tool! Thank you for sharing!

Kathy Vaske

Posted on 3/18/16 10:20:48 AM Permalink

Excellent! Short, sweet, informational, and entertaining. Thanks!

Russell Claxton

Posted on 3/11/16 5:11:41 PM Permalink

Great tutorial, thanks for sharing.

Matthew Leos

Posted on 3/11/16 3:15:45 AM Permalink

Impressive work! Production value is tremendous!

Wilder Bolanos Gomez

Posted on 3/7/16 3:41:11 PM Permalink


Judi Wollenziehn

Posted on 3/7/16 1:45:37 AM Permalink

Excellent - I plan to share this with our Interior Design teacher!

Mary-Elizabeth O'Toole

Posted on 3/4/16 3:29:25 PM Permalink

Great for a review or introduction. I like the comparison of foundation for two different colour wheels. Thanks for sharing.

Angela Riehl

Posted on 3/2/16 5:07:47 PM Permalink

That was fantastic! Wish I'd been able to share it with my students yesterday as a review for the test they took today!

Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 2/29/16 4:47:13 PM Permalink

Thanks for sharing

it,s very useful resource


Posted on 2/29/16 2:35:43 AM Permalink

Many thanks for this! Great effort and good for reference.