Sheri German

The Dreamweaver CS5 CSS Starter Page Tutorials

Project Published 6/2/10 Last updated on 2/28/20
This is an ongoing series that takes the students through creating a CSS based layout. After completing the layout, the students will understand how the new CSS Starter Pages in Dreamweaver CS5 work. Parts 1-9 are already published at CommunityMX as free tutorials, and I am keeping the entire series free so that my AEL colleagues can access it. As the series progresses, the students will learn about CSS3 properties, form and data table creation, and web standards topics such as accessibility. Each tutorial includes exercise files, as well as completed files so that students can compare their work.
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Bridget Johnson

Posted on 1/31/13 5:04:04 PM Permalink

I love this resource, but we are half way through it and the page has mysteriously gone down. My students will be so disappointed if we can't finish it. Could you post the files here also?

Judy Durkin

Posted on 6/9/11 7:20:49 PM Permalink

Thank you Sheri!

ellen flaherty

Posted on 7/25/10 12:43:51 PM Permalink

This really is great stuff.

Jim Babbage

Posted on 6/10/10 5:45:10 PM Permalink

I've been tech editing these articles for Sheri, and I must say they are excellent.