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Creativity with Cereal Project

Posted on Dec 1, 2011 by Lori Cullen Last updated on Jun 2, 2017
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Graphic Design
Age Levels
15-16, 17-18
Cereal Box, graphic design, Illustrator
Products Used
  • Illustrator


This project provides step by step directions for students to create their own cereal box in Adobe Illustrator. Project Goals: 1. For students to be able to apply their Adobe Illustrator skills onto a creative project piece. 2. Students will focus on design principles such as: alignment, contrast, proximity and typography. 3. Students will learn how to use already created pieces as an influence rather than copying- make a piece of their own!

Additional directions are provided in the file with links to YouTube tutorial videos.

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Content Standards
ISTE NETS·S Standards
Creativity and Innovation, Technology Operations and Concepts
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Adobe Illustrator

  • 5/5 | 4 Ratings
All Comments (3)

Lori Cullen

Posted on Sep 26, 2012 - Permalink

Thank you! Feel free to use and share!

John Doherty

Posted on Sep 26, 2012 - Permalink

I agree with Lauren.Great post.

Lauren Ernst

Posted on Jan 11, 2012 - Permalink

 Great project!

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