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Photoshop Basics - resizing, cropping and using

Lesson Plan Published 9/18/14 Last updated on 5/16/18

A session plan (with a handout) that delves into opening a file in Photoshop, simple image resizing and saving for your Learning Management System.

This plan is aimed at teachers with limited experience in Photoshop and will help them learn how to use the program to spruce up their pages in their LMS or other resources they wish to create for their teaching.

This session is designed as a 50 minute staff PLD slot but could be adapted for follow up sessions.

  • Photoshop

    Editing and compositing for photos, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.

1-2 Hours
ISTE Standards
Students: Innovative Designer

Presentation Equipment: projector and desktop computer with Adobe Photoshop CC (or CS6).

Desktop computers for each participant with Photoshop (or they can use their laptop).

Access to the Learning Management System with edit rights to their own class pages.

CC License
Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
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Shafiq Rehman

Posted on 9/9/19 2:57:59 PM Permalink

Thanks for sharing