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Getting to Know Adobe Acrobat PD Session Plan & Assessment

Assignment Published 9/5/16 Last updated on 2/28/20

This is the final assignment for the T4T Course. It is the first professional development plan and assessment I have created.

I decided to give an introduction on some of the features of Adobe Acrobat. I will teach attendees how to edit existing PDF files as well as create their own simple fillable PDF form. Following the session, I will present an assessment to attendees that will help me evaluate my teaching and their increase in understanding.

  • Acrobat

    The complete PDF solution for working anywhere. (includes desktop, web, and mobile access)

Age Levels

Computers and Adobe Acrobat Pro.

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Shafiq Rehman

Posted on 9/1/19 11:26:36 AM Permalink

Thanks for sharing a worthful work put up by you​

Frederico Favoreto

Posted on 3/16/19 4:43:16 PM Permalink

​thanks, great stuff.

Ahmed Belal

Posted on 12/2/18 4:52:45 AM Permalink

​Thanks for Sharing

Mary Roche

Posted on 8/20/17 1:27:06 AM Permalink

I like the inclusion of a questionaire in the LP which can give one a quick understanding of the students' level of learning.