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Lesson Plan Template with Drop Down boxes for state standards, essential questions and big ideas...

Digital Asset Published 5/7/13 Last updated on 5/16/18

This is a lesson plan template with drop down boxes for Pennsylvania State Standards, big ideas and essential questions. I created it using Adobe Live Cycle. It can be altered to any state standards. Email me at for the original Live Cycle file if you are interested in tweaking it for your own use.

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Dr. Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 9/26/18 4:39:43 PM Permalink

Its very helpful form for Lesson Plan.

Thank you for sharing.

David Conover

Posted on 2/15/15 2:48:06 PM Permalink

Hello Kris,

This is a great form to use as I prepare my lesson. I like that it reflects understanding by design process. It also has led me to explore LiveCycle.

George Joeckel

Posted on 7/23/13 2:47:14 PM Permalink

Hi Kris,

Thank you for sharing this! Very cool use of the dynamic features available with LiveCycle.


Tom Myers

Posted on 6/4/13 5:05:44 PM Permalink

Hi Kris,

This is an excellent resource. Thanks for making it available for us. I can see the other teachers in my district wanting a tweaked version for all of their classes. Now I just have to get the district to purchase LiveCycle. If I can't, I will have to recreate (steal your idea, I hope you don't mind) and make something similar in Acrobat Pro. Thanks from Texas.


Kris Fontes

Posted on 6/4/13 5:22:24 PM Permalink

Hi Tom, Go ahead and steal. Send me your email and I will send you the documents just in case you get your hands on LiveCycle or for reference in Acrobat Pro. Adobe Forms Central might be another place to create the forms.

Bambi Betts

Posted on 6/4/13 3:46:37 PM Permalink

Essential questions and big ideas - assume these would need to be added by the user?

Kris Fontes

Posted on 6/4/13 4:20:56 PM Permalink

Actually there is a drop down for these also, directly copied from the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Standards Aligned Systems website. They are very general. You could choose not to use the drop down and insert your own. Did you download the form and see what is included?

Karen Hellyer

Posted on 5/14/13 3:47:48 AM Permalink

I was able to open it in Pro, but the "edit" button didn't appear. That's very kind of you to offer to insert the standards, but I couldn't possibly ask you to do that. I'd love to learn how to edit the document myself. It might be enough of an idea for me to tool around in Acrobat Pro and try to create something similar. I appreciate your offer, though! My e-mail address is on my Linkedin profile. Not sure about posting it here. Is this a public exchange?

Karen Hellyer

Posted on 5/14/13 12:00:18 AM Permalink

Hi Kris,

I don't have Live Cycle, but I can make fillable forms with drop down fields using Acrobat Pro. Can it open your file?

Kris Fontes

Posted on 5/14/13 1:13:04 AM Permalink

Karen, Acrobat Pro will open the file but I do not know if you can edit it. Did you download the file above and look at it. Notice that I have three different classes on one page. Luckily for me, my district is pretty lenient about lesson plans and this is all I have to turn in. I have another version that is just for one class that I can also send you. I looked at the California standards for visual arts and noticed that you have alot! I could probably insert them for you, if you can't do it yourself. What is your email address?

Karen Hellyer

Posted on 5/13/13 11:26:53 PM Permalink

This is a fantastic idea! I'm sure it took some time to assemble. I'd love to get a copy to adapt to California Standards.

Kris Fontes

Posted on 5/13/13 11:44:18 PM Permalink

Hi Karen, Do you have Adobe Live Cycle? Are you familiar with it? I will send you the Live Cycle file from school tomorrow. If you have any questions we could set up a GoToMeeting and I could show you how to "adapt" it.

Kris Fontes

Posted on 5/14/13 3:29:41 PM Permalink

The template is actually posted above, under Resource Assets, (not the screen shot). If you wanted to tweak it and do not have LiveCycle, you could download the trial version and do some quick edits.