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Adobe Certified Associate Dreamweaver CS6 objectives

Assessment Published 10/23/14 Last updated on 5/16/18

This document identifies the skills an individual must master in order to earn a current version of the Adobe Certified Associate certification in Web Communication using Adobe Dreamweaver.

This certification is based on the Adobe Creative Suite 6 release of Dreamweaver. The certification is valid for three years after the date on which it is earned.

Age Levels
Content Standards
Web Communication with Adobe Dreamweaver
Technology Operations and Concepts
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Paula Droddy

Posted on 4/21/15 5:02:14 PM Permalink

Paula Droddy

Posted on 4/8/15 5:57:20 PM Permalink

Where can I find the badges for CS6 and CC ACA accreditation? I have passed Dw and Ps CS6 and Ai CC. Thanks.

Adobe Education

Posted on 4/17/15 2:02:57 PM Permalink

Hi Paula - are you referring to the badges like the one above that you can use on your resume and website? Those are provided by Certiport once you pass the exam.

Paula Droddy

Posted on 4/17/15 3:43:59 PM Permalink

I can't find anyone at certiport that has any idea what I'm talking about. They sent me to acclaim but that is a digital badge, more for posting on line. And yes, I am trying to find the ones that look like the one above for Ps and Dw CS6 and Ai CC. Do you have more specific information?

Adobe Education

Posted on 4/21/15 4:31:18 PM Permalink

Paula Droddy

Posted on 4/21/15 5:02:11 PM Permalink

Thanks. I've got them now!