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Assignment Published 8/31/14 Last updated on 2/28/20

Lesson plan for Captivate Quiz making

Age Levels
1-2 Hours
ISTE Standards
Students: Innovative Designer, Students: Computational Trainer
  • staff computer configured to a large screen or projector (ideal)
  • Desktop or laptop computers is configured with the captivate 5.5 or higher
  • PDF Handout of program screenshots outlining the coursework covered in the training
CC License
Attribution Non-Commercial
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Jenney Grover

Posted on 9/1/14 7:54:03 PM Permalink

Hi John,

Your topic intrigued me as I did a similar one using forms with Adobe Acrobat Pro XI. I'll be learning more about Captivate now because of your plan.

A few things I noticed:

    • The learning objectives are not correctly written. They seem more like your trainer objectives. The product skills outline is closer to being learning objectives.
    • 20 minutes seems to be a little long for an opening. With that being said, I think some of your opening actually flows into direct instruction.
    • The guided practice seems more like “I do. You do.” This is a fine line that I often struggle with as well. I like the use of screen share. However, how are they going to hear you if you are in a group of 100 people? I’d be a little worried some of the shy participants wouldn’t ask a question if it’ll be overheard by everyone during guided practice. I also like that you have screen shots. That should help with this practice.
    • Whole group share is 20 minutes of 75. Where did you come up with 75 minutes? The guided practice is 55 minutes. Or did you mean that after the 55 minute guided practice, then you’d have 20 minutes of group share?
    • The independent practice of 55 minutes seems a bit long. What are the requirements that are different than the guided practice?

I really struggled with the timing of my project, which is why I noticed your timing. I added it up and you are 10 minutes over the 3 hours. Plus you didn't account for breaks (neither did I in mine, but I'm sure they could be added in easily enough without adding time). After reviewing your project and timing, I think I need to seriously reconsider my timing which may be a bit ambitious for three hours. Although, I do think you could modify the guided practice and independent practice and lesson the overall PD session to 2 hours.
Thank you John for your diligent and hard work. I am definitely intrigued enough with Captivate to learn more about it. And I also learned more about the PD plan and timing.

Sharmine Shaw

Posted on 9/1/14 12:03:58 AM Permalink

John great use of Captivate analytics and data function. The decision to focus on teach how to capture useable learner and teaching data is another way to give feedback. This program has intrigued me so I will continue to look into the other capabilities. Well done!

Jenifer Pickens

Posted on 8/31/14 11:08:47 PM Permalink

I like the beginning of instructional guides. The screen shots should make it easy for the participants to follow along.