Cool Eyes! (via blended layers/clipping masks)

Project Published 10/22/12 Last updated on 5/16/18
This is, hands down, my students FAVORITE project in Photoshop 1. Using a close up of their eye, they must select and copy on to a new layer, the iris. On another new layer, positioned on top of the iris, students put a picture. (this can be self reflective...sometimes I have them put a picture of themselves). Holding down the 'option' (on mac) they hover between the layers and click to blend the layers. (putting the pic into the iris as a mask) They then can enhance the image by using the blending modes (overlay usually looks best). I have them do 12... and they beg to do more!
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Age Levels
1+ Day
Content Standards
Custom Standards
CO Model Content STANDARD 3: Students know and apply visual arts materials, tools, techniques, and processes.

Digital Citizenship, Creativity and Innovation, Technology Operations and Concepts, Critical Thinking Problem Solving and Decision Making

Adobe Photshop, camera or web camera, copyright free images

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John Doherty

Posted on 10/26/12 6:36:37 AM Permalink

I think this would look really cool if they also changed other parts of the eye. They could also be challenged to create alien or animal eyes etc. Thanks.

Kris Fontes

Posted on 10/26/12 12:47:02 AM Permalink

Doing this next week! Thanks!

Nicole Dalesio

Posted on 10/23/12 6:39:02 PM Permalink

Fun! I love it! Will try!