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Illustrator for Beginners / Curved Shapes

Project Published 11/23/15 Last updated on 5/16/18

ASSIGNMENTS, PART 2 Shapes Made of Curved and Straight Lines

Weeks 4 — 5 This next part will be similar to assignment number one, except you will

draw curved and straight lines to make a whole shape. Once again, you will make sure to

explore more than just simple shapes that are easy within Illustrator. After you complete

a whole set, you will then rotate these elements to see how they can become a formal

system within an identity system.

> Part 1: Draw 50 shapes in your notebook, using both curved and straight lines. Take

a photo of your drawings with your phone. You will then import your photos into

Illustrator to use as a template for drawing.

> Part 2: Select 25 shapes that are most successful, and draw them in Illustrator. Make

sure that you make ‘closed’ shapes, so you can fill the shapes with color later.

> Part 3: Select five color palettes of at least three colors each.

> Part 4: Apply the color palettes to your forms to generate as many successful elements

as possible.

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1+ Week

Notebook / Illustrator

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