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Pioneers of Music (2010)

Lesson Plan Published 10/18/10 Last updated on 5/16/18
Students will choose a piece of music that they find interesting or transcendent; analyze the piece for its theoretical music form; research the historical and social context of the music and artist; collect supporting historical artifacts; evaluate the piece of music; narrate and record their commentary on top of the musical piece; and package and present a portfolio of their project.
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Age Levels
1+ Week
Communication and Collaboration, Research and Information Fluency, Digital Citizenship, Creativity and Innovation, Technology Operations and Concepts, Critical Thinking Problem Solving and Decision Making

To complete this lesson, you will need:

  • Adobe Soundbooth CS5 installed on all computers
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 installed on all computers
  • Adobe Premiere Elements 9 installed on all computers
  • Student technical guides (included with the lesson plan)
CC License
Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
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Adobe Education

Posted on 6/13/11 1:14:45 PM Permalink

Hi Baxter,

You will need to install Adobe Reader 9 or higher (it's free at http://get.adobe.com/reader/) to be able to open this file, since it is a PDF portfolio is which is not viewable within your Internet browser, like other PDF files. Once you have installed Adobe Reader 9, you must right click on the file link and select Save As, then save it to your desktop. Then you can open the file with Adobe Reader 9 or higher and it should work fine.

Sorry for the trouble you're having, but we hope this works for you.

Adobe Education

Baxter Tyler

Posted on 6/12/11 10:46:15 PM Permalink

Now there is no pdf it only gives you the option to install adobe acrobat reader 9 and even after you have installed it. It's a pity it looked ike an interesting lesson.

Adobe Education

Posted on 1/12/11 2:16:34 AM Permalink

Hi Joe

Sorry about that. The problem was the PDF portfolio title was incorrect but the content inside was the Pioneers of music lesson plan and student guides. We've now corrected the title. Thanks so much for letting us know.

~Adobe Education

joe covill

Posted on 1/11/11 12:34:44 AM Permalink

wrong pdf