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Social Media Templates for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Digital Asset Published 3/18/15 Last updated on 5/16/18

These are template files for the most common social media platforms for profiles, covers, banners, posts, and backgrounds. Posts are named AdBlanks because I primarily use them for creating ads for the content I create. These really make life easier when you have 20+ walls, circles, and tweeters to manage :)

I also have these for Quark. If you would like them please ask, and I will send them to you.

  • Photoshop

    Editing and compositing for photos, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.

  • Illustrator

    Create beautiful vector art and illustrations.

  • InDesign

    Craft elegant layouts at your desk or on the go.

Communication and Collaboration, Creativity and Innovation

Computer, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

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Avi Prasad

Posted on 12/10/18 2:06:39 AM Permalink

​Thank You.

Marilyn McLean

Posted on 12/7/18 2:45:33 AM Permalink

​Brilliant - thank you :) <3

Mohammed Khatib

Posted on 12/6/18 5:45:49 PM Permalink

​Thank you <3

Pooja Shree Gaur

Posted on 12/4/18 4:11:25 AM Permalink

thank u ...

marta mag

Posted on 11/29/18 10:46:10 AM Permalink

Wonderful thank you SO MUCH!!!​

David Higgins

Posted on 11/24/18 7:12:50 PM Permalink

Thanks so much for the hard work, very time-saving! Question, Do you happen to have these in the mobile size version? (so they display properly on a mobile device) I'm having trouble formatting to display properly. Thanks again!

Tim Meyer

Posted on 11/23/18 10:31:56 AM Permalink

​Great Job! Thank you Tanya!

rob herridge

Posted on 10/28/18 4:19:48 PM Permalink

Hello Tanya: I see you took some time to put together these profiles. I would like to thank you for this great job putting these Social media templates together. When setting up profiles, which are many ,finding the correct pixel side for the profile you are setting up can be a pain. Thank Again rob.. ​

david horsburgh

Posted on 10/19/18 9:32:53 PM Permalink

great stuff, only 1 thing, where do I save the templates so that they are there each time I look for a new file?

Kris Depaepe

Posted on 11/5/18 8:39:18 AM Permalink

Change the extension to .indt. This is the file format for Indesign templates.


Posted on 10/17/18 10:07:25 PM Permalink

​Wahey, thanks!

Lauren Henson

Posted on 10/15/18 2:26:55 PM Permalink

​This is amazing! Thanks!

Charlene Balone

Posted on 10/15/18 2:22:17 PM Permalink

​Thank you, BIG HELP!!! I'm confused ... I just opened the IG ad and its 612 px x 612 px but isn't the current size 1080 px x 1080 px?

Victor Udoh

Posted on 10/5/18 4:51:59 PM Permalink

​Thanks, You're Simply amazing!

rula amer

Posted on 9/30/18 8:05:21 PM Permalink

​Thanks, that is a great help

Joanne Hall

Posted on 9/30/18 3:24:44 AM Permalink

Thank You​

Tina Slav

Posted on 9/29/18 3:22:51 AM Permalink

Thank you so much! Such a great noble deed ;)

peter emerald olu

Posted on 9/24/18 2:20:37 AM Permalink


Jodi White

Posted on 9/20/18 7:49:21 AM Permalink

​This will help my portfolio students so much!

Karen Brock

Posted on 9/18/18 1:47:29 PM Permalink

Thanks, it was really great to find these here and they're so useful!​

Ann Martin

Posted on 9/15/18 2:06:49 AM Permalink

​Could you please send these to me? Would they work as templates for a photo or like ad on Facebook?

Trimar Gutierrez

Posted on 9/15/18 1:46:12 AM Permalink

​Thank You!!! You save me a lot of time!

Holly Backer

Posted on 9/12/18 3:20:04 PM Permalink


Victoria S

Posted on 9/7/18 3:58:42 PM Permalink

​You saved me! Thank you and bless you!

Catherine Zhai

Posted on 9/5/18 11:33:40 PM Permalink

Thanks so much for sharing!​

Ratmany Kang

Posted on 8/26/18 4:12:02 AM Permalink

​Awesome and thank you!!

ashley walker

Posted on 8/24/18 6:27:05 PM Permalink

​These are wonderful great to use! Thanks again Ashley-

Julie Terry

Posted on 8/23/18 2:19:00 AM Permalink

Great to have these! Thanks for making them available.

Rose Duggan

Posted on 8/22/18 8:48:45 AM Permalink

Thanks, great resource!​

Shreyans Jain

Posted on 8/18/18 6:05:47 PM Permalink

Very useful.Thanks!​

Armando Viera

Posted on 8/17/18 7:12:12 AM Permalink

​Wow, thanks for the resource.

Alter Cuca

Posted on 8/17/18 1:30:05 AM Permalink

​Nice pack of templates. Very cool.

Sarah Lumang

Posted on 8/16/18 11:21:15 AM Permalink

Great assets! Will be great for educators teaching marketing and like disciplines.​

Avonn Nova

Posted on 8/16/18 1:41:29 AM Permalink


LaToya Donaldson

Posted on 7/5/18 1:51:15 PM Permalink

these are amazing! thanks you sooooo much for doing these. It has saved me sooooo much time in my business.

Miguel André Portezani

Posted on 6/26/18 8:28:27 AM Permalink

​those are blank files!!!

Brijean Brennan

Posted on 6/13/18 2:45:43 PM Permalink

​I thought these would include the elements around the actual ad so I could "fake" the look of an instagram ad to show a client what the ad would look once its posted in instagram. These were just blank files that were the proper size for ads.

Dave Barron

Posted on 6/21/18 3:27:47 PM Permalink

Me too.

megan perreira

Posted on 6/5/18 11:28:31 PM Permalink

​I still can't get my Twitter profile pic to fit in the "circle of hell" I used your template, which was the same as what I had setup for 400x400...the circle cuts off my logo. Any suggestions? I have tried making my artboard larger and centering the smaller logo and making the artboard smaller...nothing works. Thanks.

Jen Pollard

Posted on 6/1/18 4:33:15 PM Permalink

Thank you for sharing!​

Ross Lindsay

Posted on 5/8/18 1:58:46 PM Permalink

Thanks tanya!!!

Christian Hauser

Posted on 4/20/18 12:02:41 PM Permalink


Autumn Taylor

Posted on 4/19/18 7:09:08 PM Permalink

​Thank you, Tanya! These are so helpful!

Efstathiou Nikolaos

Posted on 4/12/18 5:13:49 PM Permalink

​Thank you a lot...

Gilberto Vazquez

Posted on 4/10/18 11:01:45 PM Permalink

​Thank you Tanya!

laif erickson

Posted on 3/13/18 4:16:22 PM Permalink

Make square...min size 1400px.....ignore the 180x180px

Antonio Braz

Posted on 3/19/18 7:01:18 PM Permalink

Why is that Laif? thanks in advance​

Andy Willians

Posted on 3/8/18 2:06:51 AM Permalink


Aimee Garza

Posted on 3/6/18 1:12:34 AM Permalink

​Thank You!

Laren Graterol

Posted on 2/28/18 9:21:30 PM Permalink

​Thanks a lot! Can you help me with the best settings options when exporting from Illustrator to final posting please?

muneb younis

Posted on 2/27/18 7:09:37 AM Permalink

thanks , that helped me a lot :)

Jared Crockett

Posted on 2/26/18 6:04:39 PM Permalink


Kimberly Lloyd

Posted on 2/26/18 9:53:21 AM Permalink

Thank you. Much appreciated.

Kenn Richards

Posted on 2/20/18 4:50:10 PM Permalink

Thank you so much for this!

Alberto Palacios Anaut

Posted on 2/15/18 9:07:52 AM Permalink

Thanks for sharing!​

Dena Pisciotte

Posted on 2/13/18 8:09:55 PM Permalink

Thank you!​

monica reid

Posted on 2/11/18 12:34:09 PM Permalink

​this is great!!

Overide II

Posted on 2/11/18 4:40:22 AM Permalink

Great Find...Thanks for the Templates.​

Matthew Maybery

Posted on 2/5/18 12:55:08 AM Permalink

​Much love to you Tanya. Thank you so much!

bevaun ragobeer

Posted on 2/1/18 1:58:22 PM Permalink

​Really appreciate you making this available. Thanks a million!

salm has

Posted on 2/1/18 1:45:56 PM Permalink

Great work. Can you also update the formats for stories and posts. Thanks.

Janet Sjostrom

Posted on 9/21/17 5:52:55 PM Permalink

​very nice package. thank you for sharing.

Chris Barnhart

Posted on 9/15/17 9:17:46 PM Permalink

​Can I please have the InDesign files for CS6?

Adrian Doran

Posted on 9/7/17 2:51:07 PM Permalink

​thanks for these, they're great. And can you tell me how to get Quark versions?

Kathleen Schassen

Posted on 4/27/17 9:22:29 PM Permalink

Are these current for 2017? I know some of the sizes have changed for FB. Also, I noticed the resolution was set to 120 ppi. Is there a reason for that? Are you using the workflow of "export as" and do you use 1x? Or are you using "save for web (legacy)"? Thank you.

P.S. I am referring to the Photoshop templates.

jeff lewis

Posted on 2/9/17 7:13:22 PM Permalink

I appreciate your work thank you for sharing

Laurent NOTTE

Posted on 1/13/17 12:03:37 PM Permalink

Dear Student,

You have 21 independant files on the folder for the mockup.

Why don't you use only one .indd files and put all company categorize on created a variable of Layout page ?

It's better for the process.

Could you try make an update ?


Laurent X. NOTTE

Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 8/31/16 9:05:55 PM Permalink

I appreciate your work thank you for sharing

Tanya Hopper

Posted on 7/21/16 1:30:47 AM Permalink

I keep my cloud updated, so it is possible that older versions would have problems opening the files. I will do some reading and find out.

penny group

Posted on 6/27/16 9:27:50 AM Permalink

hi i cant seem to open these - could it be because i am still on cs4?

Raellen Sheets

Posted on 7/20/16 6:10:03 PM Permalink

I am having the same issue and I am running CS4, so I would guess so.

Ron Stallcup

Posted on 6/16/16 6:03:27 PM Permalink

Jasser Membreno

Posted on 5/31/16 5:43:43 PM Permalink

Good resource! thanks.

Nathan coldravioli

Posted on 5/15/16 8:47:48 PM Permalink

Yes, the images are Blank because that is the optimized size that your Logo, image, etc needs to be constrained too.

rex platte

Posted on 3/30/16 11:11:28 PM Permalink

Ramos Arias Manuela

Posted on 3/23/16 8:45:34 PM Permalink

Thank you so much!!

Sam Selfridge

Posted on 3/23/16 3:41:02 PM Permalink

All the in design templates are opening as blank files.

Using indesign CC 2015.2 release x64 build.

Kyle Ledford

Posted on 2/18/16 8:36:49 PM Permalink

Does anyone have these saved as CS4 I can't open them with my version

jeanette diaz

Posted on 2/12/16 11:34:45 PM Permalink

Soné Briel

Posted on 1/27/16 8:52:20 AM Permalink

Awesome. Thank you so much.

Anush Anand

Posted on 11/4/15 5:52:25 AM Permalink

Does it work for InDesign CS4?

Johanna Christensen

Posted on 9/18/15 7:51:40 PM Permalink

Think of these as "frames", they are the correct dimensions for their use or application. eg. FB cover photo gives you and outline of 851x315 which is the size used for the cover photo space on FB. They provide an outline so you know where to crop, rotate, position, etc.

Camille Eloi

Posted on 8/19/15 7:07:06 PM Permalink

These are great!!!! Thank you!!

Loay El Din Youssef

Posted on 7/27/15 10:39:50 AM Permalink

Nice, thank you for sharing

Brad Parker

Posted on 7/24/15 12:54:10 AM Permalink

Every single one of the Illustrator templates are blank...

Brad Parker

Posted on 7/24/15 12:51:22 AM Permalink

Every single one of the InDesign templates are blank...

Kaitlin Nunnery

Posted on 7/23/15 3:43:19 PM Permalink

These are just blank documents. I thought these would look like a twitter post (for example) so I could customize the template and be able to use it in print. Am I missing something?

Brad Parker

Posted on 7/24/15 12:51:00 AM Permalink

I get the same...I don't get it. Blank documents - all of them.

Craig Gundlach

Posted on 6/22/15 7:50:40 AM Permalink

Great resource! Thanks.


Kathy Anderson

Posted on 5/14/15 1:53:40 AM Permalink

Thank you! I can't wait to look at the templates, but wanted to first say thanks :)

Dhanaraj Keezhara

Posted on 4/8/15 3:47:33 PM Permalink

Great Resources, Thanks for sharing.