Sjaani van den Berg
Adobe Education Trainer

InDesign: Placing Images and Beyond

Lesson Plan Published 11/1/13 Last updated on 5/16/18

This resource was created during the Training for Trainers course and is included for the benefit of others.

We can use InDesign across many areas of education. Discovering how to use Images in layout can enhance the students end results for assignment submission.

1-2 Hours

Minimum requirements: InDesign, Images for students to place.

Additional materials: Magazines, newspapers, school newsletters, pamphlets for display and comparison of layout purposes.

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Margaret Purvis

Posted on 7/11/18 1:55:48 PM Permalink

​Fantastic resource

Cira Serio

Posted on 2/14/18 9:06:38 AM Permalink

​Thank you so much

Glen Lindh

Posted on 3/3/17 6:20:34 AM Permalink

Great teaching resource thanks​!

Trent Dooley

Posted on 11/8/16 11:30:40 PM Permalink

​Just what I was looking for. Detailed and easy for students to follow. Thank you.

Luvonga Quirin

Posted on 9/1/16 10:46:19 AM Permalink

Great Resource,you are an inspiration

Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 8/31/16 10:02:04 PM Permalink

very helpful resource,
Thank you for sharing


Posted on 8/7/15 7:10:27 AM Permalink

Great detailed instructions. Thanks

uma ravi

Posted on 7/16/14 8:47:46 AM Permalink

A great resource.I will try touse this in my classes.

Karen Henchy

Posted on 11/6/13 8:49:02 PM Permalink

Wonderful resource! Great job!

Robyn Mortimer

Posted on 11/2/13 3:13:30 AM Permalink

I have just saved both files for my classes next year Sjaani. You have developed a great resource that is ready to supply to students.