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Add creativity while teaching, the students will learn more and they will also think creatively

Posted on Aug 4, 2013 by anindya banerji Last updated on Jun 8, 2017


creativity affects student learning

Add creativity while teaching, the students will learn more and they will also think creatively

Say for instance in the historic age of “Vedas” (the mother books of all philosophy), it was called ‘Sruti’, means it should be remembered by the students by listening the Gurus (teachers) delivers the lessons. On the other hand there are different ‘Sastras’ and ‘Purana’ (major and core subjects and articles), which were called ‘Smriti’, means the lessons taught by the teachers are to be remembered and to be noted into ‘Puthi’(the notebook). Later which were become the different verses of the same subject. In today's age also, we find a great similarity that, the difference scholars of the same subject used to author their book of a common topic in different fashion.

Like this way if we analyze the different stages of history of the training system, we can find, and different ages the teachers had adopted different training aids and methods is a new experimental practice. Many of those practices are now the key factors of teaching procedure. So, it means that whenever any necessity is appeared, the teacher has faced that problem with a creative solution.

In today's world, in the age of sharp edge technology, we have to take help this and have to blend with an innovative dimension.So this type of creative steps can easily be taken by any subject teachers with the help of Adobe creative suit blending with the available resources.

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Jared Faint

Posted on Apr 21, 2014 - Permalink

Definitely an interesting resource. I agree, links in very well with what we have been doing with this course. If we expect the students to be able to put creativity into their work we sure as hell had better make it an interesting and engaging resource activity to model for them.