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Centropa Photo Restoration Project

Project Published 4/5/17 Last updated on 3/2/20

This project will have you select a photograph of a European Jewish family taken before WWII, and restore it and colorize it. The aim is to symbolically restore the image of a person whose life or life of those around him or her was cut short by the war. By colorizing and restoring the image, you will learn more about the family and their experiences during the 20th century, as well as how to use Photoshop to restore and colorize a black and white image.

The activities that you will focus on include selecting and reading about a Jewish family in Europe during the 20th Century, selecting an image of that family, and restoring and colorizing the image with Photoshop. The final step includes printing the image as well as a summarized text that captures one strong moment in their
Here are the steps to accomplish this goal:
1) Visit the Centropa website, and search through the database for one strong image/family that interests you. The aim is to select a black and white image that needs some level of restoration.

2) Read the biography of the person on the Centropa website. Make notes of what you want to focus on for the summarized text. You will want to select one story, occurrence or interesting fact to focus your text upon.

3) Next, use the tutorials below and your knowledge of Photoshop to restore and colorize the image. The aim is to make improvements on the image and to add color that looks realistic and pleasing.

4) The main focus of your editing should be on using the SPOT, PATCH and CLONE tools to restore and using LAYER MASKS on the SOLID COLOR ADJUSTMENT LAYER with a blend mode of COLOR to colorize.

5) Finally, you will print the image out and write your summarized text. Think of your text as something akin to the "Humans of New York" series: a short, poignant paragraph that captures the heart and soul of the person or family.
Centropa's Website: (once on the site, click the INTERVIEWS section and search by Country or City)
Humans of New York:
Photoshop Tutorials on Restoration and Colorizing:

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1+ Day
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Students: Creative Communicator, Students: Digital Citizen
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