Peter French
Digital design teacher

An Introduction to the Basics of Typography Worksheet

Lesson Plan Published 8/26/11 Last updated on 5/31/19
This is the worksheet I use when introducing typography using the web site, It is a simple worksheet that the forces the students to read the whole web site and record key elements that I find important. Pls note - I have also added information which I feel is critically important to the worksheet, from another web source (documented on the sheet).Feel free to use the document as is or to change it to better suit your needs.
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Rachel Moore

Posted on 10/10/19 1:48:57 PM Permalink

Link no longer exists to resource website​

Sumeyra Bulut-Gul

Posted on 3/28/19 5:16:25 PM Permalink

​the link is not reachable anymore :(

Rosemary Lengsas

Posted on 6/8/13 9:21:41 PM Permalink

I've been using this in my class for the last two years. It's great! Thanks!

Jim Goodwin

Posted on 8/29/11 7:01:03 AM Permalink

This is fantastic stuff. I think you did a great job of assessing the key information on the site. (The site is a great introduction to typography as well.) Thank You. Hundreds more studentswill be using this this year...