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Adobe Design Suite Basics CS5-CS6

Posted on 10/1/12 by Thomas Payne Last updated on 6/8/17
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Graphic Design
Age Levels
Design Suite, Illustrator, InDesign
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  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign


This book leads the beginning student through the basics of Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Like tutorials, it presents 'working lessons'. Can be used with versions 5-6 of the Adobe Creative Suite.

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  • 5/5 | 26 Ratings
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Thomas Payne

Posted on 2/12/14 - Permalink

This is just an earlier version of CC Book. Some revisions and corrections, but basically the same with new information and illustrations.

Thomas Payne

Posted on 2/12/14 - Permalink

James Buchholz

Posted on 2/12/14 - Permalink

This is just the earlier version of your CC Book correct?

John Frick

Posted on 10/5/13 - Permalink

Your text is right on the money for the beginning student. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Dennis Martinus

Posted on 7/27/13 - Permalink

Thank you for sharing: now I only have to translate this in our native language and I'm set.

Kris Fontes

Posted on 6/5/13 - Permalink

I especially appreciate the Illustrator info!

Lauren Ernst

Posted on 6/5/13 - Permalink

THANK YOU! This has saved me HOURS of work this summer! :)

Alfred Ingram

Posted on 3/14/13 - Permalink

<p>weblinks aren't available.</p>

Gale Rhoades

Posted on 3/13/13 - Permalink

<p>The link listed under Web Links for "Adobe Design Suite Basics" does not work.<br></p>

Rahul Kadari

Posted on 3/12/13 - Permalink

<p>Thanks and Shared.</p>

Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 3/6/13 - Permalink

it's very useful for computer graphic introduction

Kelly Kermode

Posted on 2/21/13 - Permalink

What a fantastic resource! I will be passing this along to colleagues and students alike! Thank you.

Percy Ordonez

Posted on 2/20/13 - Permalink

Very useful and practical. Thank you for sharing. I will use it for my courses

Timothy Cosgrove

Posted on 2/10/13 - Permalink

Thank you for developing a resource that is user-friendly and combines the three most used Adobe applications. The aspect that I particularly like about it is its use of language that students can easily read to obtain the basic elements of getting started in Adobe design.

Eileen Ford

Posted on 2/6/13 - Permalink

Thank you for this clear, readable resource! It's a great one to have in the lab for loan to students and teachers who need a starting point. Not intimidating to them as the standard guides often are for someone who wants to just pick something up on the side!

Daniel Rattigan

Posted on 2/5/13 - Permalink

Thanks Thomas for your time and effort here. A very handy resource!

James Stauffer

Posted on 2/5/13 - Permalink

@ Valley HS - They are both the same - it's a 5MB download. I was able to view both and mine contain the content they should. Did you Ctrl-click (not command-click) the Adobe_Basics_2012-8.pdf (4.7MB) link and choose to save it? Because of the size, opening in a browser may display blank pages until it is fully loaded - but I can't think of other reasons it should appear blank. Unless you saved it to a network drive - then, same as web version, it may take longer to load into your computer's memory - but not THAT long. 5MB is a drop in the bucket on today's machines. Can you put the file on a flash drive and try opening it on another machine? On a different operating system?

Valley HS

Posted on 2/5/13 - Permalink

I click on both links for the pdf and the course link and I get blank documents? I am using a mac version 10.8.2 I also tried saving these files but they still are white pages. Any suggestions? The material is of great interest to me. Thank you Cynthia Holland

Judy Durkin

Posted on 11/13/12 - Permalink

This is an incredible resource. What a labor of love. Thank you. I spent quite a bit of time looking through it. I will use it in my classes!

Kris Fontes

Posted on 10/22/12 - Permalink

Nice resource for my teacher friends who all want to learn Photoshop but are too busy teaching their own content!

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