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Adobe Presenter 7 - Digital Business Card

Quick Idea Published 11/7/10 Last updated on 2/28/20

I came up with an idea to create a digital business card using Adobe Presenter 7.

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Presenter 7 Educational Project
Application: Presenter7
Educator Project:
Product: Connect Card, Presenter Card – Digital Business Card
Usages: Digital Business Card – Teachers, Administrators, Students
Webinars – Handout in Chat Pod, Web Links Pod
Online Seminars
Email Header – Link to Card
Website – Contact Us Area
Blog Sites
Electronic Portfolio (Integration with Digital Business Card) – Students
Pre-Production Time: Depends on the User
Production Time: 2 Hours
Difficulty Level for Project: Beginner
Material List:
• Name of the new presenter
• Job title
• Presenter photo is 88 x 118 pixels
• Logo, the recommended size for a logo is 148 x 52 pixels
• E-mail address
• Biography - about the presenter, such as professional and educational credentials, employment history, phone number, or job description
• Attachment: Files for Handout
• Important Links
• Powerpoint Slides
• Introduction Video of Presenter(Optional)
• Microphone and/or Headset
• Color Scheme
Steps: 1. Create a PowerPoint Slide Deck for your Card, 2. Create a Profile under Preferences, 3. Record Video or Audio for the Connect Card, 4. Add Attachments to the Card under Settings, 5. Preview and Publish your card up to a Connect Pro Server, 6. Link your Connect Card to a Connect Pro Meeting Room
Links- Adobe Presenter Help
Support - Support
Resources - Resources
Finished Project Examples: Digital Business Cards Dave Forrester’s Connect Card Judy Durkin’s Connect Card Richard Jenkins’s Connect Card
Sharing - Support How to Share Your Project Product with Adobe and Other Educators and Students

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