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Activity Cube Template

Digital Asset Published 6/24/11 Last updated on 2/28/20
The activity cube or pattern cube template allows users to add text to six sides of a flattened cube. The PDF has form fields that enable typing text onto the template. Users can then print the page, cut, fold, and glue the cube. One science application of the cube is to teach a lesson on the nature of science. There are also plenty of vocabulary and math applications for activity cubes. You can also erase text by clicking the Clear TEXT button. Reference: Understanding Science. 2011. University of California Museum of Paleontology. 24 June 2011 <>.
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Amber Johnston

Posted on 6/10/18 3:07:15 PM Permalink

​just wondering is this template for personal use only?

Robert Simpson

Posted on 2/23/14 6:35:45 PM Permalink

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for the comment. Happy that you were able to use the activity cube template. Would love to hear how you use the template.


Aaron Davis

Posted on 2/23/14 6:53:43 AM Permalink

I've been looking for a template of this that has the text fields. Thank you!

Naomi Leonard

Posted on 6/24/11 11:34:52 AM Permalink

This looks like a great activity for many grades. Rhyming is the example, but any set of related facts could be incorporated. This has got me thinking. This is a good beginning for me.