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Formative Assessment Photoshop Activity Book

Assessment Published 10/21/16 Last updated on 3/2/20

This activity book was created for Year 7 and 8 students with no previous Photoshop experience.

I created an activity book with tutorials (including my own Youtube clips) outlining particular skills for students to work through.

This was used as a formative assessment before students complete their task.

The activities include; adding images, saving a .psd file, saving a JPEG file, quick selection tool, crop, liquify tool.

  • Photoshop

    Editing and compositing for photos, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.

Age Levels
1+ Week
ISTE Standards
Students: Innovative Designer, Students: Knowledge Constructor

- Introductory Power Point

- Photoshop CC

- The Simpsons images in a zip folder

CC License
Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
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Karen Brown

Posted on 8/18/18 6:08:47 AM Permalink

This is a great beginner's project.​ Thank you!!

Samantha-Leigh Churchill

Posted on 8/19/18 6:00:48 AM Permalink

My pleasure :)​

Bridgie Dunne

Posted on 4/27/18 4:49:50 AM Permalink

​Great! Thankyou

Samantha-Leigh Churchill

Posted on 8/19/18 6:00:59 AM Permalink

My pleasure :)​

Dale Patterson

Posted on 4/4/18 5:11:49 PM Permalink

Thank you so much. Great lesson!!​

Samantha-Leigh Churchill

Posted on 4/5/18 12:18:33 AM Permalink

Thank you, I am glad it helped!

Tessa McNamara

Posted on 11/20/16 12:57:23 PM Permalink

​This is a great basic start to teaching students about the software. Thanks for sharing.

Marie Rediess

Posted on 11/16/16 7:44:12 PM Permalink

Finally got the book to open after I renamed it, taking off the html extension. It's way simpler than I expected. I haven't yet looked at the videos


Posted on 11/16/16 8:41:26 PM Permalink

What or how did you renamed for it to open? I am have the same problem where it will not open?

Samantha-Leigh Churchill

Posted on 11/17/16 12:31:01 AM Permalink

I will upload it as a PDF for you now Maureen.​

Samantha-Leigh Churchill

Posted on 11/17/16 12:31:39 AM Permalink

It was made simple due to students never using Photoshop before. The aim of it was to teach students how to use basic skills.​

Marie Rediess

Posted on 11/16/16 7:39:04 PM Permalink

​All I get for the download is gibberish. I would have expected the activity book to be in pdf format rather than html. Here's an excerpt:

PK!³í=Dá[Content_Types].xml ¢( ´V;oû0þô?\‰N†¢(,gHò± PíJS'›‰øyNâߣä®#˜j/,ê{üw$Oó«gýdàƒ²¦dåœe`¤­”Y—ì×ò[þ…e…©Dc ”l]->~˜/wBFhJ¶At_9rZ„â:0´R[¯ò_¿æNè±~9›}æòƒ9F¶˜ß@-¶ f·ïô¸sBp–]wïE©’ç%’QWù îþáú¨tn†1îCâóa„†&©ú{4õQù¾þ‚ma£\ø´¯ã5à« ²;áñ»ðT-²¾â••[MI§ãð³u­$ôøè漕uV7E¿¢…2§|èm@«ÿè†+}ç­“íô¤‘<*Hga¶zžüOVFO}*ˆ¶!w „÷wðñŽ”ÿ­ps[× él¥7†y´^tø´ RþcDþ=ñyj÷…=sòâ¬~žíåyòHm-‹çè}O4¦:“†æ¤…hüôàõìˆGê_Žø÷ÿ¹%Gë\ŠUçp°§N†€4f·¿ó;ñòœ’¤Qñ^û4¶ýê~™|óqß÷Š4T'çñ£¢‚j@›·1‹¿ÿÿPK!çâ'¼ß_rels/.rels ¢( ¬’áNã0†ïH¼Cäûšn „ðò]òn•0‰×ú$J<øþž°ãJ¥QMbçäîÿï÷ïåj×wâ“b²þ)˜%rúë¯õóìDbt;ïHឬªë«åuèùQjmH"«¸¤ eR&ýR©ð\®l|ì‘ó162 þà†ä¢,ïdü­õHS¬‚¸67 ê}è?ÿG[öähQjib&‹l³Qclˆ¯ÿóu:t™äi ûóüfc5=z½íéñ ï’vLF⦈æ—$3óùòñè<¤ƒ•)šåù4/ã·ûþí¡í”cTçZñ¨ùLŽö²úÿÿPK!·yq"Clword/_rels/document.xml.rels ¢( ¼˜ánû0†ïú†îµ"©Mú¡N/k^·ûU±iç›%–²-o?µî\g¸ã]ˆFäï¶øÿ¤ïî©.ûƒm.ë$]šªõMA>o/oHfô•ìœ†‚à’ûõå»»ðIçÿdwmo3¿‹¶ù9׿§ô–;Pòæ¦í¯ôfPòùåðð^–ße”/K:ì÷ ë“=³§ª ãSå=ñæðûôÿþüôu[âSîhw&m•Oî7”C® ªVŽAæó^7„(X" RðDW(…HDqR\%¢X¢×‰(V(å2å J±JDq‹RxáJ¡|Rü&¢`ETñ*÷öõUuþîŽò™çtŠòöb¹—û †æ|$z¯¶0x—z¥™BDTí²îðy?œžç¸æò†DKµå`¬©]^EG{ö¯õ©Gò1ã—öíêJ÷&ùìæU¶,8çßäœåáD"c稱‹¨5n/8jì"‘±sôøië¿õì´¢ZùOø~zs8gAì|Fu³ú§›‹åâ ¢šèê/†?AD•L¤BðvO„”óìœñ?cGû=U7ÿO¯ö1®QQëã<�çNK¥úh_“H´Qíf‰4•l–¨8ñúd‰j-Mµ4ã2µBý‹E­ï0:ˆ±¨ö†@ç0õºâãXªžãDôRí6rûáü9Ž!LºEô7âü'¾áë’¾üNFO¾®ÿÿPK!"0ëAword/document.xmlì}énêêöàÿ–ú,Zê¯[9ùx¸7û“çœ$2ÿùdœ'ævl3åêJýý„ý$½ªl›8@’p8G;x,W­Z«ö¼êÿÿ9¸äè#ç÷ö*ô/²Bøžåw¯·W¹¼0vå å¦×1]ß³÷*S;ªüçïÿþßþ9®u|k8°½˜€&¼¨6¬½J?ŽƒZµY}{`F¿Žú‘ߍYþ êw»ŽeWç~ø©ò$E⣠ô-;Šà{ªéì¨’67ðWkm`ZYã4IŠõéx³6^öèlúûõãG¿ü°o„ã`z˜±óv\'žBÿH~öìh¯2½Z:ªýù¨ð;5è@m4p³†¡û¯?›@ –üdo„/Zòéä-9î^5´]è°ïE}'x†û{[xô³.-pn°ã€b_|ožU&]í1ì}öáqð¢¹`t’—n„Pïh4ß"E®0#¨‰YVéBñ›YOòè7~hž1i~„ öCìF8kíð{˜µ…V‚7ôœä1©ç†½©kE«ov…Xµãžç†fû…ä„‘•ß°:µýîý\®fhvö*ï ¼Bª|5¶'1¾*$ÿáõ¬„æ^…$)x”A&—@¦$)ó¼*賋šý5†nœ{²¢ÿ0ý1|/Ž 3²˜õ´CçDmôe/*^±.2üu+õßÿ¬¦mào€úB¿/†Dñ -s â@ø`„¥^üæ5ïo„¾ßXŽk®éõà[#óý«øþîe+bàféšO5ó³ú~Htœ(¾€¹­à#evtœ’b2½ø’Fî p톳7“õydøN¯HBs€S"íâ­¶ýw¼,çøA×·làN¸ášSzªíB?© aº®?>íš°6â„áiîR©¬,§7쎓¢4é)$# Zj³~ü•)ú‹ ô?r9˜u×ýá^åòýáàK^†gîºýèŽSœ@ñ$¨ˆßL¯f§IC…f¯æšE„øí ÿ¢ežey.k©¬á+ü0,’9,E¥ð´`<éd£²»]ûŠõäY$@&í<¤¦àcèPëqh†6/à{•¶÷[NäP î4BâA ¯ž9€§áXñ^¢òG¬óñ>›c!<€hö¬áñ¦WN`¢£Tà1_¬€ë9]â_<_í2ûrà Qðbô}ÿ£_í E3c“†°ríñ€åˆáäãQ þ¥ý‚£·æLQò4€"-˜êd¶:þøs}³óë>°{d¨è9ô‚ :/4òvàp\aí´¥††©BX 瀑ú6¢³¨såéQ¤ñ¢L’­ìª@«»,)è»²ä »©,銔J©ÿFoa#ätµàéflU9"]áñc îRö‹»—ð`P£8´c«»0î& Sòîìê3ˆ"ìœìú¤ð› šî-+ø›Iú½„Q¼oûd¡’æz›ô&{$£

Samantha-Leigh Churchill

Posted on 11/17/16 12:35:04 AM Permalink

Sorry about that Marie​

molly goodart

Posted on 11/16/16 5:51:27 PM Permalink

​This is great! Do you have the images it says to use in the activities?

Samantha-Leigh Churchill

Posted on 11/17/16 12:31:55 AM Permalink

I do! I will attach the zip folder for you ​

molly goodart

Posted on 11/18/16 7:56:04 PM Permalink

Thank you!!​