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Equivalent Fractions (visually) Tutorial

Presentation Published 7/21/11 Last updated on 5/16/18
I created this Flash animated tutorial to help my Math For Elementary Teachers visualize the mathematics they will be teaching.
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Sue Glascoe

Posted on 9/12/11 2:08:42 AM Permalink

Thank you for the positive comments Giri and Nicole!

Nicole Dalesio

Posted on 9/8/11 7:16:19 AM Permalink

Getting all kinds of other ideas on how to teach concepts using Flash or other Adobe tools!


Posted on 9/8/11 2:30:00 AM Permalink

An excellent presentation. I expect more of this kind. Keep up with more of your presentations.Smile


Posted on 9/8/11 2:27:22 AM Permalink


Sue Glascoe

Posted on 9/7/11 11:43:37 PM Permalink

Thank you everyone for the comments, I fixed the typo! It should be better now : )

Sue Glascoe

Posted on 9/7/11 11:30:17 PM Permalink

Thank you Latha! I appreciate your positive response.

Latha Parthasarathy

Posted on 9/7/11 7:10:18 PM Permalink

Very nice and helpful resource. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Sue Glascoe

Posted on 9/7/11 5:05:30 PM Permalink

Great idea, John! I will do that one next time :)

John Cavallo

Posted on 9/7/11 3:13:18 PM Permalink

Have you thought about creating something like this for ruler reading? Down to the levels of eighths would be great. Thanks.

Sue Glascoe

Posted on 9/6/11 8:26:21 PM Permalink

Thanks for letting me know! Yes, just a typo :) I will find the orig file and get that fixed!

Halimah Polk

Posted on 9/6/11 7:04:56 PM Permalink

Nice job. I liked that you put in a negative example. (2/3) Misspelled "exacly" should be exactly probably a typo.

Sue Glascoe

Posted on 7/22/11 3:10:14 PM Permalink

Thank you very much! I feel it is SO important for students to understand math and be able to visualize it, then they won't have to memorize rules. Adding fractions becomes much easier when they can visualize equivalent fractions and tie it into the numeric algorithm.

Jacqueline Varnell

Posted on 7/22/11 2:10:11 PM Permalink

Excellent illustration of equivalent fractions!