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Adobe Train the Trainer Course FAQs

Presentation Published 4/12/16 Last updated on 5/16/18

For more information about Adobe Education's Train the Trainer course, please review the following FAQs linked below. A more detailed course orientation will be available to course participants when the course launches on June 21st, 2016.

  • Acrobat

    The complete PDF solution for working anywhere. (includes desktop, web, and mobile access)

  • Photoshop

    Editing and compositing for photos, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.

  • Illustrator

    Create beautiful vector art and illustrations.

  • InDesign

    Craft elegant layouts at your desk or on the go.

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Kathleen Scharchburg

Posted on 8/16/17 8:25:29 PM Permalink

When will the next "Train the Trainer" course be offered? I missed the June, 2017, launch. Can I possibly do this on my own schedule?​

Nicole Stubbs

Posted on 8/2/16 2:21:29 AM Permalink

Is it to late to join the course?

Lee-Anne Campbell

Posted on 7/28/16 2:38:49 PM Permalink

Hello Andrea,

As I began the course I realized that I would really like more experience and practice with the Adobe package of tools before taking this course. Will I be able to pick off where I let off when I choose to complete the course later in the year if I sign up again?



Cheryl Berthau

Posted on 7/27/16 1:24:43 PM Permalink


Will we be able to access this course in its current form after it is over? This course is so useful to me. It would be nice to able to go back at a later time and really savor this course.

Also, is there a central spot to make suggestions about the course.


Roxanne Shively

Posted on 7/14/16 4:10:42 AM Permalink

I have yet to fully explore Google Docs and have just enrolled in the class. I am trying to find the link to the spreadsheet to find out what group I'm in but am having trouble finding it. Please help.

Ken White

Posted on 6/24/16 5:47:27 PM Permalink

I'm beginning to feel a little slow in understanding how this class will function but that is more my learning style than the explanations being bad. I generally have to 'do' to really get a grasp of how things work!! I will 'do'!!

Bellanira Cochran

Posted on 6/21/16 5:15:15 PM Permalink

I am a little confused. Can you clarify for me if we have to participate in discussion forums in order to earn the Adobe Education Trainer credential?

What are the course requirements?In order to successfully complete this course and earn the Adobe Education Trainer credential, participants must complete each weekly workshop and participate in discussion forums.

What if I miss a live discussion? The live discussions are optional; there is no penalty if you miss a live discussion. No new course content is introduced during the live discussions.

Allen Kaatz

Posted on 6/21/16 5:24:08 PM Permalink

I believe that you need to respond to comments left by others in the forum part of the course, but the live discussion is a second item and is not a mandatory requirement.

Andrea Cebula

Posted on 6/21/16 9:32:35 PM Permalink

Thanks, Allen!

Andrea Cebula

Posted on 6/21/16 9:32:24 PM Permalink

Bellanira, the discussion forum and the live discussions are different. The live discussions are live, and are held on Tuesdays 1:00 pm and 9:00 pm NYC time in the course Connect room. The discussion forums are part of the course platform. They are available any time. They are a place to share ideas with other course participants in a written discussion forum. Hope this helps.

Bellanira Cochran

Posted on 6/21/16 4:05:16 PM Permalink

If the dates\times for the live discussions are on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm and 9:00 pm NYC time, that means the time is Arizona will be at 6:00 pm?

Andrea Cebula

Posted on 6/21/16 9:33:22 PM Permalink

Patricia Gilbert

Posted on 6/20/16 4:59:27 PM Permalink

Are the live discussions audio or are they texting/typing style where the questions and responses are all read? I have not used Adobe Connect before so just curious of the live style.

Allen Kaatz

Posted on 6/21/16 5:22:20 PM Permalink

Looks like it might be a combination of both audio and text.

Andrea Cebula

Posted on 6/21/16 9:33:42 PM Permalink

Thanks again, Allen!

Andrea Cebula

Posted on 6/21/16 9:34:28 PM Permalink

Allen is correct, Patricia. In the Connect room, we use both audio to chat, and text pods, too.

John Doe

Posted on 6/13/16 8:35:18 AM Permalink

Hey guys!

I know this may sound silly, but do we need to have a copy of all 4 software products used in this course?




Posted on 6/17/16 3:08:51 PM Permalink

I have the same question; I have everything except for Illustrator.

Andrea Cebula

Posted on 6/21/16 9:36:07 PM Permalink

See my comment below, Cynthia!

Andrea Cebula

Posted on 6/21/16 9:35:51 PM Permalink

Hi John, you do not need a access to all four tools, though it would be great if you were able to do so. Not always easy, I know. You can try a free download or see if there are versions already installed at your school or university somewhere. It does not have to be the latest version. Hope this helps!

John Doe

Posted on 6/23/16 7:29:19 AM Permalink

That's a great help Andrea! I didn't think of using the free trials because typically think I may want to use them in the future but you're usually not allowed to use them more than once and I usually want to save it for a rainy day. I guess this would be that rainy day! :)


C Wayne Geiselman

Posted on 5/31/16 6:45:14 PM Permalink

How do I update my profile on the course homepage for the June 21 course?


Andrea Cebula

Posted on 6/21/16 9:36:33 PM Permalink

Hi Wayne, your profile should be added to the list once you enroll!

C Wayne Geiselman

Posted on 5/28/16 4:55:07 PM Permalink

Can you please provide me the URL for the course homepage for the June 21 course? Thanks.

C Wayne Geiselman

Posted on 5/26/16 2:45:29 PM Permalink

How do I know that I am enrolled in the June 21 course? I did not receive information that I was enrolled in this course in March or that the course had started or how to get into the course until the end of April. Not much good to me then. Hope I will have time to complete this course the second time it is offered. When do I show up as a participant in the course homepage?

Andrea Cebula

Posted on 5/28/16 1:18:54 PM Permalink

When you go to the homepage, it should say "Status: Enrolled" in the top right hand corner. You should see yourself as a course participant in the list, as soon as you enroll. The course begins June 21st. Hope to see you then!

Cheryl Butler

Posted on 5/13/16 10:42:57 PM Permalink

Had problem connecting assignments in digital storytelling to iCloud. What are download options for completed assignments in Train the Trainer?

Andrea Cebula

Posted on 5/31/16 6:00:51 PM Permalink

Hi Cheryl, in this course, you can post your assignments within the Adobe Education Exchange course platform. If the file is too big, which happens occasionally, participants often post to Dropbox or upload to Google drive and then share the link.