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Workbook: Unleashing the Creative Power of Flash Professional CC

Project Published 10/10/15 Last updated on 5/16/18

This is the full-color PDF workbook from the Adobe MAX 2015 session: Unleashing the Creative Power of Flash Professional CC! It is a 90 minute lab project that takes students through the basics of using Flash Professional CC with a smattering of new (Flash Professional 15.1) features sprinkled throughout.

Need to get up to speed on the tooling in Flash Professional CC for your client and creative work? Maybe you need to target the web, iOS and Android devices, HD video and print. Great news: Flash Professional CC has been enhanced to expand upon the traditional Flash runtime targets and reach the native web through HTML5 Canvas and WebGL (and more) to help all types of use cases for desktop, mobile and beyond.

During this lab, you’ll learn:

  • The new creative Flash Professional CC tooling
  • How that tooling fits in the workflow industry professionals have come to rely upon when creating assets and animation for television, games, the web and more
  • How to generate assets in Flash Professional and reuse them across a variety of creative projects and platforms

1-2 Hours

You'll need Flash Professional CC (15.1) to complete everything as outlined - but will also be fine with Flash Professional CC (15.0) if you ignore the newer features like vector art brushes.

For more information and recordings of all the Flash sessions at Adobe MAX 2015: http://inflagrantedelicto.memoryspiral.com/2015/10/adobe-max-2015-flash-professional-resources/ 

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