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Create on-demand eLearning content with Adobe Captivate 4

Technical Tutorial Published 6/22/10 Last updated on 5/16/18
Learn how to create simulations, non-linear exercises, and online quizzes with Adobe Captivate. This PDF Portfolio contains the following guides: 1. Recording and publishing Adobe Captivate software simulations 2. Creating Adobe Captivate projects from Microsoft PowerPoint 3. Creating interactive training scenarios with Adobe Captivate 4. Editing Adobe Captivate projects 5. Creating quizzes with Adobe Captivate 6. Adding audio to Adobe Captivate projects 7. Adding Flash video to Adobe Captivate projects
Communication and Collaboration, Technology Operations and Concepts
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Lukas Engqvist

Posted on 2/3/12 9:17:08 AM Permalink

I'm having problems figuring out how to monitor students in computer labs. I can make a test, but having problems collecting test data. Is there no way to have the first question be the name, and then collect the data so that tests can be sorted by name?

I tried the option which was great so lonf as all people taking the test had adobe ID.

Also tried email, but in the (mac) Lab they do not have access to the default email system since students use webbased emal… so trying to mail results opens the operating systems "configure email account" dialog :(

Lieve Weymeis

Posted on 1/28/11 4:47:56 PM Permalink

Thanks for posting those links, not for my sake (I do know those tutorials) but for others who are looking in the Education Exchange.

Lieve Weymeis

Posted on 1/28/11 1:37:59 PM Permalink

Captivate 5 is available since 1st of July, and this seems the only tutorial about Captivate in this exchange. But it is for Captivate 4. Since the workflow has changed a lot due to the totally different User Interface, when will this be upgraded? I do blog about Captivate 5:

Adobe Education

Posted on 7/20/10 2:48:54 AM Permalink

Hi Brigitte,

Sorry for the problem with the file. We have reuploaded it and hopefully it will work for you now.


Adobe Education

Brigitte Williams

Posted on 7/18/10 10:05:18 AM Permalink

My computer said this was a corrupted file and would not open it...mmm

Brigitte Williams

Posted on 7/18/10 9:58:43 AM Permalink

Can wait to captivate - my students with this program. I have been having a play with the tutorials and they run a little fast but I'm sure I can handle..