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Adobe Youth Voices Trainer Guide & Training Modules

Posted on Jan 28, 2016 by Adobe Youth Voices Last updated on Jun 7, 2017
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Educator in training

Drawing upon best practices in the youth media field, positive youth development principles, and the fundamentals of project based learning, the Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) training advances an educator-facilitated approach to youth media making that promotes social change.

Adobe Youth Voices, was a ten year, philanthropic effort of the Adobe Foundation to increase creativity in education. The primary activity of the initiative was professional development for educators in both formal and informal settings to guide them in facilitating creative media-making experiences for young people. Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) Adobe’s lead program partner for the initiative, developed this collection of training materials and resources to unify the program.

This collection is now freely available and schools and community based organizations can use these materials to train and support educators interested in engaging young people in youth media making.

The collection includes a Trainer Guide and four Training Modules. Each Training Module includes a training script with detailed instructions on how to facilitate training activities and prompts for discussion, presentation slides that correspond to activities detailed in the script, and a collection of handouts for use during the training as well as in instruction.

The Create with Purpose Vimeo Channel hosts a collection of media referenced throughout the training.

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