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How Character Animator saved the day.

Presentation Published 4/2/17 Last updated on 5/7/19

We were creating a promotional video and the kids came up with the script and were to narrate the video. They had written their lines on the whiteboard. But when viewing the footage later, it looked wrong - the students were not looking at the camera, they kept glancing at the whiteboard (this is why learning your lines is a good thing)

We had a choice: shoot the video again, or just use their voices as narration with some video overlays. However, we came up with the idea of combining their voices with Character Animator puppets. The result was good. The puppets appear at about 0.35 seconds.

So if you have problems with poor shots, but your audio is fine - maybe Character Animator can save the day!

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  • After Effects

    Create motion graphics and visual effects for film, TV, video, and web.

  • Character Animator

    Turn 2D artwork into live, animated characters.

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Heather Mitchell

Posted on 5/6/19 2:23:01 PM Permalink

AmaZing! I LOVE your finished product!! I feel like it looks even more "techie" with the inclusion of the puppets! Maybe the kids were a bit bummed at first since their faces weren't going to work in the project, but their voices come thru strong and confident and i think it is a very successful final product. They were so successful that as the video continued, i was even looking forward to seeing the puppets again for a sign off, but that didn't happen :/ BRAVO to you and your group!

Something similar happened to me during Train the Trainer course and my computer could not detect the mic during a screen capture. I was unable to explain what i was doing. So i did the screen capture with no audio, then launched Character Animator and ran the screen-captured video in the background while i captured a new audio with CA. I had to combine the two in Premiere, and tweek of course because i wasn't describing what i was doing in real time, but it definitely saved the day for my homework! Yeah!! Here is my tutorial video if you want to take a look, the instruction begins around 1:30.

terry cantwell

Posted on 5/7/19 11:40:29 AM Permalink

Thanks Heather

Rosie Sue

Posted on 12/20/17 12:37:14 AM Permalink

​That's awesome, good job and great idea! Turned out great.

terry cantwell

Posted on 5/7/19 11:40:41 AM Permalink

Thanks Rosie

Matt Niemitz

Posted on 6/29/17 6:58:06 PM Permalink

​What a great story Terry! Thanks for sharing!

terry cantwell

Posted on 5/7/19 11:40:53 AM Permalink

Thanks Matt​