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Self Grading Quiz

Digital Asset Published 8/5/14 Last updated on 5/16/18

I was asked by a number of members to share an example of one of my self grading interactive PDFs. So here is very basic version that you can modify for your own use.

I included a blank template that is secured with the exceptions being the ability to fill in fields and make comments. I set it up this way so the student can't reformat the quiz. I use to use MS Word but without fail I would quizzes back where the student would delete all the questions and just give me answers (sometimes I would just a single paragraph for a 20 question quiz!) or change the typefaces, etc.

To enter your own questions into this template go to properties and use the password EDEX1 and then edit text under the tools option.

I also included a graded example of the template and here you can see the text fields that the student uses to reply to a question are scrollable so if they need more room it does not reformat the whole quiz. So when I get a quiz back from a student I just check off the correct answers and then add audio feedback (look for a mic in the upper hand conner on the graded example) for any incorrect answers.

There is a weak element to this template…and well all interactive PDFs...and that is protecting content is a all or nothing affair unless you are really handy with JavaScript which I am not…(if any of you are JavaScript awesome perhaps you could help me fill in this missing gap). Here the weak link is the check boxes used to mark an answer correct.

The problem is you can't protect just the check boxes so a student could check these boxes and in effect grade their own quiz. To avoid this a solution is to mark the check boxes as read only so they are "invisible" and the student can not select them but this will require you to go in and turn off the read only option before grading. I chose to simply tell the students that the boxes are for my use only (a tool tip will also appear if the student moves their cursor over the box instructing the student the the box is "For Instructor Use Only") and not to check them because the whole reason of making the quiz self grading is to speed up the grading process and the time added by having to go in and change them back from read only would defeat the whole purpose of making grading quick and easy.

It would nice if Adobe would address this issue of all or nothing protection without JavaScript. The ability to selectively protect fields would not only increase the usability of the software but would offer new applications for interactive PDFs.

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app developer

Posted on 7/9/16 5:12:40 AM Permalink

Hi, Congratulations on your great work,

Just wanted to ask how do you assign a score to ever check box, and give you a total score?

Thanks before hand.

Jody Campbell

Posted on 3/9/17 2:18:33 PM Permalink

Wow, I'm sorry for the delay but somehow this comment didn't end up in my inbox. You assign a value to each checkbox and then add the sum of all the checkboxes in the "grade" field. To do this is really easy, Open the PDF in acrobat then go to > prepare form > select the checkbox > right click on the box > select proprieties > options > and then change the export value to whatever point weigh you want to give each question. ​

Judy Durkin

Posted on 9/26/14 7:38:40 AM Permalink

Thank you. Very useful!

Louis DePriest

Posted on 8/22/14 9:28:16 PM Permalink

Great PDF thanks. I wish you great success in your PD.

Paula Bright

Posted on 8/5/14 11:14:53 PM Permalink

Wow! I truly appreciate that you went to all this trouble for my question. Really, thank you so much!