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Lay out your ideas on the go with Comp CC

Technical Tutorial Published 11/2/15 Last updated on 2/28/20

Quickly explore layout ideas for print, web or mobile on your iPad and iPhone with Adobe Comp CC. Create a layout on the go with Comp and finish it on your desktop.

  • Photoshop

    Editing and compositing for photos, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.

  • Illustrator

    Create beautiful vector art and illustrations.

  • InDesign

    Craft elegant layouts at your desk or on the go.

  • Adobe Comp CC

    Create design comps using your real assets and fonts.

Age Levels
1-2 Hours
CC License
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Dawn Elrod

Posted on 3/13/16 7:59:12 PM Permalink

If you have a membership to Adobe Cloud, is Adobe Comp CC (along with Adobe Capture CC and Adobe Slate Mobile ad browser) included???


Diego Alvarez

Posted on 11/19/15 10:57:33 PM Permalink

Thank you for sharing this course. And ipad approach is a very interesting one

Monique G

Posted on 11/13/15 12:53:26 AM Permalink

Although i don't own an iPad at the moment. I think this is a really great app. I usually resort to pen and paper to make designs or use a regular drawing app but this seems quite handy. Thanks for the share.