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Creating eBooks with InDesign, lesson plan for teachers

Lesson Plan Published 11/18/13 Last updated on 4/11/19

Creating eBooks with InDesign, this a short course how to learn and produce epub documents for viewing in iPads

Age Levels

AdobeInDesign, Creating eBooks for distribution

Audience:  Media Teachers

Lesson Time:2Hours

Learning Objectives:

After the lessons, media teacherswillbeabletocreateeBooks for distribution to iPads, andbe able to introduce their lessonstostudents

Teachers will be able to learn basic functions in InDesign


Show theworkspace of InDesign andfocuse onthepartsthattheywill be using for  creating InDesign document for epub export

Teacherswill be able askquestionsastheyhavetime.

I will ask for feedback on their understanding

  I will start InDesign

  I will create a new document

  I will create it 768 x 1024 and save it as epub preset, orientation standing

  I will add some pages from windows / pages

  I will place some text from a word.doc, using file / place

  I will scroll through the text

  I will place some pictures file / place

  I will save the document

  I will show the document

  I will show the export functions

  I will show how to export to epub

  I will go through the menues for epub export, general / image / contents

  I will save and export the epub file.

  Then I will open iTunes

  Add the epub file in iTunes

  Connect the iPad to the computer

  Start and sync the units

  Open iBooks on the iPad

  Search for the epub file

  Wiew the file

Guided Practice:

The teachers will be given a printed step by step instruction of how to set up and create a new document n InDesign. All the steps that are needed will be  covered.

Teacherswill begin to create their own eBookthattheycan usetointroducetheir lessonstotheirstudents.

If theywantto,they can work in groups and sharethefinaloutcome.

I will bewalking around the classroom assisting asneededand offering feedback

Independent Practice:

During independent practice I will walk around in the classroom and observe the  students work and see the learners outcomes.

Teacherss will be able to use the skills they have learned and create their own documents and save them on the harddrive.

I will walk around in the classroom encase participants has any questions and answer them. I will also help with problems. 

I will ask questions to see if learning has taken place.


Get feedback from   the teachers

Whatdid they learn?

Could they use this with students and have them to produce their own e-pub documents?

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Great information for educators!