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Restyle a Livingroom

Best Practice Published 10/10/11 Last updated on 5/16/18
Restyle a livingroom This reader/study material is meant for people who have some basic knowledge of Photoshop. They must be able to open a document, use a number of tools and know how layers work. In our school, Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, a study year is divided into periods of 7 weeks. This module is made for a 2 or 3 hours’ lesson each week (depending on which course pupils follow). Pupils also have to work on this project at home. The first lesson consists of making a moodboard, the other 6 weeks pupils work with one image: the living room (in this case, other rooms are possible as well). The lessons and learnings: Lesson 1: Moodboard: Make a spherical impression for the room Learning: Non-destructief, Layers, Adjustmentlayers, Maps And Organise,Marquee Tools, Mask, Shortcuts, prefences And Tips  Lesson 2: Retouch: Starting with the living room: retouch making it empty. Learning: Spot Healing Brush, Healing Brush Tool, Patch Tool, Clone Stamp Tool, Quick Selection Tool, Lasso Tools, Guides  Lesson 3: The floor and walls Learning: Define Pattern , Pattern Stamp tool, Fill And Fill layer, Effect Pattern Overlay, Color Replacement And Match Colors, Vanishing Point  Lesson 4: Placing furniture Learning: Crop Tool, Transform, Filter Lens Correction, Smart Filters, Select Color Range And Quick Mask, Selecting With Channels, Calculations, Refine Edge / Mask  Lesson 5: Making shadow Learning: Effect Drop Shadow, Normal Shadow, Smart objects  Lesson 6: Light Learning: Effect Gradient Overlay, Burning light, Filter Lighting Effects, Burn And Dodge, Reflection Lesson 7: Detail finishing touch and extra information. Learning: Details Sharpen, Blur And Smudge, Local color changes, Make a Panorama,Blending, Brushes, QTVR, 3D opties  At this moment 3 different study departments use this material. Photography: the most important elements are shadow and light. Department fashion and trend (like designing patterns): they have a theme for several classes and in this case they use the same theme. The theme can differ every year. It’s all about trends like cocooning. For these pupils making patterns and using them in a space is the most important thing to learn. They have to give a spherical impression. Three dimensional design: (making stands, shops, theatre productions). What is great about this lessons? The great thing about these lessons is that they can give different accents for different study departments. The results are very different as well; you can see it yourself in the PDF’s with some results at the end. The pupils/students work on one product for a longer time. They have to work as non-destructive as possible. They redo most of the skills several times. They all make something different and they don’t just make exercises; they have to be creative as well.

This is written in the Dutch language but we use the English Photoshop version therefor the therms are in English.

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