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Sketchnoting - An Introduction to Visual Notetaking

Web Link Published 10/5/16 Last updated on 8/14/18

Hello All!

The following resource is something I put together during the Adobe Education Leadership Summit 2016 held at the Adobe office in Sydney, Australia. It serves as a quick guide and overview into the possibilities of Sketchnoting in supporting learning and teaching. I have been teaching and encouraging all my students to utilise visual thinking when making notes and there has been an overwhelmingly positive response to this mode of learning with significantly increased levels of student engagement, understanding and creative thinking.

Sketchnoting is a visual notetaking system which focuses on encapsulating big ideas in a visual form, utilising a combination of typography, signs, symbols and shapes to help facilitate learning and teaching. Here is a link to the resource which explains the process of sketchnoting including a range of student examples as well! Created using Adobe Spark - Sketchnoting - An Introduction to Visual Notetaking


Feel free to connect with me @misterAOY on Twitter or Instagram or if you'd like to see and learn more!

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  • Adobe Capture CC

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  • Photoshop

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  • Adobe Spark

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1-2 Hours

Pen and paper : )

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Dr. Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 9/26/18 5:37:47 PM Permalink

​Great Link, Thank you for sharing.

Mafaz Pun

Posted on 1/1/17 11:05:56 PM Permalink

​I like the idea !! but I think the mind map work more efficiently