David Hallmon
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Getting Started With Adobe Kuler

Presentation Published 4/1/14 Last updated on 2/28/20

The following video get students started designing the colors of their web sites by utilizing Adobe Kuler to develop a color swatch that they can then share with their client.

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David Hallmon

Posted on 4/12/14 5:51:49 PM Permalink

Hi Ariel. I agree. I find many of my into to Web Design students trying to use puke green for a background color and then red for the text. But when I can get them to focus on choosing colors from an image that can really set the tone for a site, Kuler can get colors out of that image and thus they have colors for the rest of their site. Images that have mostly dark colors don't really work, but sometimes students find some amazing images and pull an amazing color palette.

These videos that I have posted here are unfortunately out of sequence and supplements to other resources that I give them in the course.

Thanks for the comments. Let's connect and collaborate on something in the future. You can find me on Twitter at

Ariel Elinson

Posted on 4/12/14 2:14:50 PM Permalink

I have noticed that one of the hardest things for students with technical orientation, is to find the right color combination to use. The more artistic oriented students are - this better the ability to find the right colors is "built-in" to their minds. They do not need tools they just know themselves which color to choose.

For those who cannot do that, there is this amazing web tool called Adobe Kuler.

It is good to have this resource here but I think it doesn't touch the surface of how helpful the Kuler website can be in picking up color combinations. This video should also show the color harmony rules you can select from. The ability to browse through the various color combinations other users have created. And how to download and add these colors to your swatch in Adobe software.