Pip Cleaves
Senior Education Consultant at DLE

Illustrator @ Adobe Applications for Education: Live

Technical Tutorial Published 3/26/14 Last updated on 6/7/17

This resource brings to you the recordings and links from the two Adobe Applications for Educators: Live - Illustrator Sessions.

All links for the session can be found in the resource section below and at our Pinterest Board.

1-2 Hours
Communication and Collaboration, Creativity and Innovation, Technology Operations and Concepts, Critical Thinking Problem Solving and Decision Making
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Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 9/3/16 3:39:01 PM Permalink

useful Link, Thank you for sharing

Kent Messamore

Posted on 4/30/16 7:30:11 PM Permalink

Very nice

Saif Smeirat

Posted on 8/3/15 9:24:34 PM Permalink

Thank you Pip, perfect one

Kristine Schiffbauer

Posted on 7/29/15 4:40:30 PM Permalink

Thank you for this resource.

karin h

Posted on 8/7/14 1:28:43 PM Permalink

thanks. great information.

Ahmed Ali Moselhi

Posted on 4/10/14 10:12:29 AM Permalink

knowledgeable session

Willie Moore

Posted on 3/31/14 7:20:35 PM Permalink

Excellent session! Rob is a very energetic presenter. Keep up the good work.