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Creating Student Portfolios with Adobe Acrobat X

Presentation Published 7/27/15 Last updated on 5/16/18

This is a copy of a presentation given in an Adobe for Education webinar.

These slides give examples from portfolios built by my year 6 students in 2014. My students create work in many spaces, books, typed and online. Just how to collect and collate this work is an issue faced by all teachers these days. In this presentation I showed how Acrobat portfolios could solve the following issues:

Stop printing, save ink, paper and time by creating a portfolio instead
Add links to online content such as blogs, wikis and websites
Allow student choice in which work to share
Allow students to add copies of photographs
Share work in one format for families
Allow students to design the layout and look

During this presentation I shared actual portfolios, due to privacy issues these slides only contain screen shots. When creating these portfolios I used mini videos I sourced from Adobe TV to assist my students in learning what to do.

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Judy Durkin

Posted on 1/20/19 6:21:07 PM Permalink

​I am wondering if there is a way to use Adobe Portfolio for students that are on an enterprise account. This gives me a good alternative, thank you.

Aziz Soubai

Posted on 6/21/18 7:37:17 PM Permalink

Thanks for sharing your work

Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 8/17/16 12:12:15 PM Permalink

Very helpful resource
Thank you for sharing

Tiik Pollet

Posted on 11/4/15 2:56:15 PM Permalink

Thank you for your presentation. It gave me an interesting introduction to the topic. I am now inspired to take one of the Adobe online classes for Acrobat X so I may learn how to use it to do the things shown in your presentation.

Henrietta Miller

Posted on 9/1/15 9:16:00 PM Permalink

Thank you for your comment ultimately I think a decision to allow students to choose should be a school one. There are many ways of creating student portfolios these days. Personally I love Acrobat as they can look different yet you still have ultimate control over the format. Perhaps you could trial both Wix and Acrobat?

Jacqueline Strobel

Posted on 9/1/15 7:01:20 PM Permalink

This is excellent and very helpful. Thank you for sharing. I am an Instructor for a vocational school and teach Microsoft Suite. The program is 7 months and each class is 1 month. I plan to implement 'creating a EPortfolio' to the curriculum in the Internet Research course. I will introduce the concept and they will learn 'what' an EPortfolio through searching the web. They will have 6 months to complete it. The goal is to have them include their finest work from each course.

Should I allow the students to select the medium ie Adobe Acrobat X or, etc.?

Henrietta Miller

Posted on 8/9/15 11:51:28 PM Permalink

I see no reason why not Bethany. This year we have decided to purchase school branded USB sticks so that each student can take the PDF home on that too.


Bethany Dutton

Posted on 8/9/15 11:18:58 AM Permalink

cool presentation appropriate for all year levels? would love to use with upper secondary