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Mobygratis Music Tracks for Student Film Projects

Web Link Published 8/3/10 Last updated on 2/28/20
High quality music is an important part of any film project. Musician/artist, Moby, provides a simply designed website to provide music tracks to independent and non-profit filmmakers, film students, and anyone in need of free music for their independent, non-profit film, video, or short.

Mobygratis & The Three Little Geese

1. Users register and login to view available tracks. Tracks are streaming only. Students selected "accident" for their stop-motion movie, The Three Little Geese. Note: As a teacher, my account was used to give students access to the site so they could listen to the tracks.

List of selected tracks found on

2. After making a selection, complete the following form to request the track. Plan on at least 3 weeks to receive a response. Note: The form was submitted through my account.

Screen capture of required questions for requesting a track

3. After approval, an email will be sent from mobygratis to download a high-quality aiff file of the track. You will also receive a license. The license states that you cannot alter or extract samples from the music track. It's OK to cut the track to fit your film project. In the example below, edited with Premiere Elements 7, students adjusted the track's volume level shown by the yellow line.

4. Be sure to share your film project with Moby on Vimeo. Moby requests that users add projects to his Vimeo group.

  • Adobe Premiere Elements

    Organize, edit, create, and share your videos.

Age Levels
1-2 Hours
ISTE Standards
Students: Creative Communicator, Students: Innovative Designer, Students: Knowledge Constructor
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Attribution Non-Commercial
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Robert Simpson

Posted on 11/13/12 7:26:35 PM Permalink

Eternal Storm, a short film about the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy that hit the East Coast of the United States on October 29-30, 2012 effectively used a moby soundtrack. Produced by Jamie Stuart using the track Drug Police courtesy of Moby through mobygratis. I like how the film used black and white footage showing images of the destruction. The choice to use b/w increased the impact of the imagery.

For students who are thinking about film projects and the importance of a good soundtrack, watch Eternal Storm.

For teachers it might be interesting to show this film first without audio and then with. It might also be interesting to play a different moby track while showing the film. The purpose is to have students discuss and document what the music makes them feel and determine what is effective and why.

Robert Simpson

Posted on 6/23/11 1:14:20 AM Permalink

The Friendship Tree uses mobygratis track, Wait For Me (Villa Remix).

Ferryway School students in this year's AYV program created and produced a new stop-motion animation movie. Visit the Adobe Youth Voices media gallery to view. To learn more about the production visit the AYV wiki.

A metallic white board allows cotton clouds containing magnets to be moved.

Characters shown climbing the Friendship Tree.

Forest set shown with softbox lighting equipment.

David Gran

Posted on 1/20/11 12:48:01 PM Permalink

Terrific! I'd heard about this but it completely slipped my mind. Thanks for the reminder!