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Make a Photoshop File CSS & Build a Dreamweaver Template Part 1

Posted on Nov 5, 2010 by Kathryn StAmant Last updated on Jun 8, 2017


By using the provided materials, a PSD, the tutorial walks the user through the steps of preparing the PS file for Web export, and explains each step to sent out the graphics and HTML. The tutorial ends with all of the files ready for setting up a Site Definition in Dreamweaver. Part 2 takes over and completes the building of the template and rollovers.

The PDF with the tutorial is included in the ZIP file with the Photoshop assets. The files include the raw PS file ready to use, and the 2 PS files indicated in the tutorial through the cropping and slicing process. The HTML and image assets produced by the end of the tutorial are also provided.

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Dreamweaver and Photoshop are required to complete the two part tutorial. Part 1 uses Photoshop, Part 2 uses Dreamweaver.

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