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Design project review and redesign

Posted on 11/11/13 by Adobe Education Last updated on 6/8/17


Continually reviewing ones work and redesigning as you go will ensure high quality outcomes. Engaging in review and redesign cycles is a useful step in the overall design process intended to help students improve and expand their designs and design skills. In this activity students engage in a formal review and redesign process where they will make any necessary changes to their project according to the feedback from the design review.

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ACA Dreamweaver 1.1, 2.6; ACA Photoshop 1.1, 1.4; ACA Premiere Pro 1.1, 2.6; ACA Flash Professional 1.1, 1.6; ACA Illustrator 1.1, 1.4; ACA InDesign 1.1, 1.4
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