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Lesson Plan Published 8/21/13 Last updated on 5/16/18

Some children struggle with creative writing so why not get them to create their own photo to write a story about.

Children select a background that they would like to paste themselves into. Choosing a picture first, means that you can discuss camera angles with children and body positioning so that their photo best fits into the background. I have had children take photos from a low angle so that they appear as a scary giant or from a high angle so that they come across as a small dainty fairy. Children have also sat on chairs with their legs out and arms up as though they are sliding down a rainbow.

Once children have taken their photo, they can place themselves into their background and write a creative story that fits the image. For example, a student trying to bust out of a bubble may write about how they got into the bubble or how they've spent their day inside the bubble.

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Kelly Larson

Posted on 9/15/13 5:00:18 PM Permalink

I love your lesson, especially focus on viewpoint--and why the artist/author/photographer chose to use a specific angle as well specific words. Excellent. I'm excited to put this one to use!

Robyn Mortimer

Posted on 9/4/13 10:44:50 AM Permalink

Your idea to engage struggling students will certainly do that and the more confident ones will be more enthusiastic too.