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Comic book creation with Photoshop and Illustrator

Technical Tutorial Published 5/19/15 Last updated on 6/9/19

The only thing more fun than reading comics? Making them! In this more advanced session, designer and educator Sean Glumace will teach you how to you’ll use Adobe Photoshop—the world’s most advanced digital imaging software—and Adobe Illustrator—the industry-standard vector graphics software—to create lettering, speech balloons, and more.

  • Photoshop

    Editing and compositing for photos, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.

  • Illustrator

    Create beautiful vector art and illustrations.

ISTE Standards
Students: Creative Communicator, Students: Empowered Learner, Students: Digital Citizen, Students: Innovative Designer, Students: Computational Trainer, Students: Knowledge Constructor
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Victor Gonzalez

Posted on 12/2/19 3:09:40 PM Permalink

great resource, thank you.​

Sean Glumace

Posted on 12/2/19 3:25:30 PM Permalink

​Glad you liked it. If you need any help please post any questions here.

Stephenie Koerne

Posted on 11/11/19 8:39:15 PM Permalink

Thanks so much!

Sean Glumace

Posted on 11/11/19 8:03:41 PM Permalink

Shafiq Rehman

Posted on 9/1/19 12:35:44 AM Permalink

Great Resource Thanks for Sharing

Zoltan Nagy

Posted on 6/21/19 2:37:11 AM Permalink

​Now, this is something I hardly can wait to try... : ) Thank you.

William Cortez

Posted on 6/19/19 9:46:31 AM Permalink

​Thank you for sharing. This is a value-added help for comic book font design.

Daniel Bagherpour

Posted on 1/25/19 12:25:17 PM Permalink

Hello, do you know why the link to the zip files takes me to a 404 error?​

Thank you!

Sean Glumace

Posted on 1/26/19 7:01:02 AM Permalink

This post was from a few years ago, I don't think those files are on the server anymore. Here is a direct link to the zip file

Stephenie Koerne

Posted on 11/11/19 6:03:20 PM Permalink

Hi there! The direct link gets a 404 error code on Google Drive as well. Any other options for getting the zip file? I really want to do this project with my university digital art students.


Sean Glumace

Posted on 11/11/19 8:04:13 PM Permalink

اسراء نهنوش

Posted on 1/6/19 7:52:51 PM Permalink


Betty Lowrance

Posted on 3/10/17 10:02:07 PM Permalink

​Thank you for sharing this information!! I look forward to using this with my students.

Martin Cunningham

Posted on 11/9/16 1:53:09 PM Permalink

Hi Sean,

Do you have a comic layout video using InDesign?

would be a great help

Sean Glumace

Posted on 5/21/15 7:12:36 PM Permalink

Nancy, when I created this project it was aimed at students who already have Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign experience. I would suggest taking a look at my other project which is a comic book cover in Photoshop. I aimed it at K-12 and have had elementary school kids in the past do it. Here is the link

Nancy Portillo

Posted on 5/21/15 3:02:24 AM Permalink

Im curious to know if anyone has used this with elementary students.