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Guitar Gurl flash layer animation example>Judith S. Loeber

Project Published 2/19/11 Last updated on 5/16/18
This example illustrates multi-layered moveable body parts.This is a step to creating animation with sound layer.

This is a character in multiple layers on a timeline to demonstrate classic tween for students in a highschool Flash animation class. Guitar gurl is checking her levels, stomp box and tuning; a first step towards importing a sound layer to animate to.

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    Design interactive vector animations for multiple platforms.

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Dawn Hanson

Posted on 11/17/11 3:46:19 AM Permalink

So I tried to open the example FLA file - but it came up with access denied or unexpected format and won't open in Flash version CS4 - CS5.5. Suggestions?

Adobe Education

Posted on 2/21/11 4:03:08 AM Permalink

Hi Judith,

This is really cool - thanks for sharing!! Is there any way to also share the finished product for people who don't have flash to see?


~Adobe Education