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Example photo: Create a Creature

Project Published 7/28/10 Last updated on 5/16/18
This photo is to provide an example for the Quick Idea lesson, Create and Categorize a Critter
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Sara Martin

Posted on 9/4/10 5:02:02 AM Permalink

Hi Carolyn,

I do a lesson like this, I call it my "Chimaera" Project because it combines two or more body parts of animals. The kids name their new creations, like "Kangowiseal"-combination of Kangaroo, owl, seal and "Parzebrfly"-combination of parrot, zebra, seal. Whatever they come up with. What I like about your lesson is you connection with the scientific concepts of camoufage, adaptation and classification. I am going to use this idea-tag it on to my existing lesson.

Thanks so much for sharing!