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In my 20+ years developing web design for 150+ companies in my country Ecuador, I learned that we need to follow some steps before present a integral websolution to the client. In this matter I give you some guidelines to start with your project, and take it to safe shore.

1. Before the first meeting:
Be prepared. Never let the luck be part of your first encounter. Try to known everything of your client, what he needs, type of business, product overview, # employees, market share, etc. If knownledge is power, be as powerfull as you need to.

2. First interview, be ready for anything
The first encounter (face to face, phone or email) with the client are so important, that you must present yourself with the very best. Your background activities, that make you the BEST, talk only about what make you the best thing since slice bread! always put a smile in your face, be confident, and never doubt your answers. But first, listen very carefull what the client have to say.

3. Contract, and promises
If your first 5 minutes are a success, the client needs where listened, and you present a solution, you´re ready to build the promises to take action, the client want to hear what you have to say. Never offer more than you can do! Be honest, clear, direct, and confiden099t.

4. Design for you, then cover your client needs
If you love what you do, then your work, is not work! is a playground. Fall in love with the project, put some effort to build a masterpiece. When you´re done, the work will speak for you

5. We need feedback!
Your design need all the input, and therefore all the people in your circles must see it, give their comments, suggestions and feedback. The more people see this, the better. You will see another´s perpective, and make the chancges if they make sense to you.

6. Present your work
Always present your designs in the best way possible. Print your work in A3 format (big), couche paper, full color. And make a full presentation in a laptop or projector. Speak with confidence and the client will listen. 90% of success is preparation, so... be prepared, and practice, practice... practice!

7. Client´s Feedback & how to sell your work
When are presenting your work the client may or may not be happy with it. But this feedback must be received as a opportunity. Because you can sell this work (and perhaps some other one), if you are mature enough to take this input the way it is: "fulfill the client´s needs"

8. Redesign
With all the client´s input. You´re back to the office and redesign, or readapt your concept with the expectation of your client. So, make a even better job than before. And mke a loop from steps 6 to 8, until the client are happy with your work.

9. Client´s WOW effect
This is the most valuable asset you have. Make the work so unique and impresive, so your client´s jaws drop to the floor :)

10. Finish him :)
When are all done. This is the fun part (or at least the one is more rewarding to me). Make a document, to sign with both parties, and finish the contract you signed before. Make sure youre client are happy, and so do you. After all, this is when your "baby" take the first steps (your website is launched to the world)

And that´s it. I hope you take this guidelines and put it into your work in daily bases. If you have any questions or comments you can write me here and I´ll answer your doubts asap.

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Tarek Bahaa El Deen

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Very helpful resource
Thank you for sharing