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Teaching PhotoshopMix to younger students

Lesson Plan Published 4/4/16 Last updated on 2/28/20

In my media arts class, it was all about composites. While the older kids were being introduced to Photoshop on the desktop (more of that in the next post) I still wanted the younger kids to create the same kind of effect on an iPad. Enter PhotoshopMix, a fantastic free app from Adobe that does just that.

In this video I go through how I introduced the app to the kids, with some tips and tricks. The example was putting a student inside a computer monitor.


This link takes you to my blog "My Adobe Classroom" which contains the YouTube tutorial. Please like, comment and share and subscribe to the blog for future updates.

I also have another blog - "Confessions of a Media Arts Teacher" which goes into depth how I set up a Media Arts curriculum for a whole primary school specialist subject from K-6. Please visit and subscribe as well.

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Shafiq Rehman

Posted on 9/2/19 8:41:49 PM Permalink

Thanks for sharing​

5 Green

Posted on 3/25/19 1:13:27 AM Permalink

​Thank you so much! My Year 5 class are captivated with Mix but I feel very underprepared to make effective use of it. We are largely learning as we go! :-) I really appreciate the video and blog link.

Gina Mork

Posted on 10/20/18 12:23:28 AM Permalink

How are you using this with students under 13. My district has one to one iPads I’d like my students to use Photoshop Mix. Half my students are under 13. ​

Joel Aarons

Posted on 10/20/18 3:52:45 AM Permalink

Firstly, there is a way for kids under 13 to have their own accounts. However, I create an Adobe account for my class and the kids use that. If you want to read about your options, have a read of this article by Ben Forta:

Thanks for your kind words.

Joy May

Posted on 12/12/16 4:04:47 AM Permalink

​Thanks for this post! It is so hard to find things for little ones!