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Bug's Life Project Introducing Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Posted on 11/5/14 by Jessica Gauci Last updated on 6/8/17


Examples of Student Work

This project introduces and develops basic skills in using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Students are required to design and create bug game graphics and an app icon. This booklet contains interactive links, step by step instructions and examples throughout. It could be a project based learning style project as it contains writing tasks, literacy, numeracy and many other skills suitable for other subjects / key learning areas. History, Geography, Science etc can by incorporated to extend on the project. This project could also be extended to actually design the game using Adobe Flash.

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New South Wales
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Graphic design and Art using Adobe Software
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Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Computers, internet

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All Comments (20)

Sue Meredith

Posted on 4/20/17 - Permalink

​Thanks. I will use this resource with my class

Brianne Forrest

Posted on 8/3/16 - Permalink

This looks like a great intro to photoshop project. Thank you for sharing.

Robyn Mortimer

Posted on 5/25/16 - Permalink

Great presentation of a great resource

Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 5/17/16 - Permalink

Great efforts, thank you for sharing

Bridget Johnson

Posted on 9/2/15 - Permalink

This is an EXCELLENT project!

Craig Gundlach

Posted on 6/21/15 - Permalink

Excellent work! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Curtiss

Posted on 3/9/15 - Permalink

Thanks this looks like a great resource and one I can use in my intro to graphics and multimedia class.

Tim Creighton

Posted on 3/9/15 - Permalink

Great job!

David Conover

Posted on 3/2/15 - Permalink

I will do so Jessica. Thanks much for reaching out:-)

David Conover

Posted on 3/1/15 - Permalink

I look forward to your next example.

Jessica Gauci

Posted on 3/2/15 - Permalink

Please feel free to show me where you take this unit / activities with your video game design class. I am interested to see how other educators implement it :)

David Conover

Posted on 1/23/15 - Permalink

This will be very useful in my video game class as we explore Viruses in my video game design class. Thanks much.

Jessica Gauci

Posted on 2/26/15 - Permalink

You are most welcome, I am glad that it will be useful :)

Judy Durkin

Posted on 1/4/15 - Permalink

Very well thought-out project. Excellent instructions and engaging content. Thank you

Jessica Gauci

Posted on 2/26/15 - Permalink

Thank you for the feedback :)

Camille Dogbe

Posted on 11/21/14 - Permalink


This is an awesome resource. We will be introducing Animation to my 9th graders in January or so. I am not sure that I will but if I need to, may I use some of the content here? I am still learning all about Game Design myself.

Jessica Gauci

Posted on 11/24/14 - Permalink

Hi Camille. Thank you very much for the feedback! :)
Of course, feel free to use whatever you need from the booklet. Thank you for asking. If you would like any extra tips, suggestions or ideas, please feel free to contact me.
I have just extended this program and introduced Adobe Flash. Students have to make their own bug game. Some existing games to use as inspiration include Angry Birds (could be changed to Angry Bugs), and Flappy Bird (Flappy Bugs). It is a good way to connect what they are learning with relevancy to their world and interests.

Tina Gennaro

Posted on 2/22/15 - Permalink

I currently teach Game Foundations and I would like to use this with my students as we go through the design process for games. They are currently working with Flash to design games. I would love to hear your ideas on this project with Flash.

Jessica Gauci

Posted on 2/26/15 - Permalink

Hi Tina

Thank you for the comment. I only have very basic knowledge of using Flash, however what I could recommend for a project would be to animate the main bug character in a way that follows the game concept already been thought out by the students. Students can design the background scenes in Photoshop, use the character that they have cut out and then design a game where the bug collects leaves, insects or whatever each individual concept actually is. I hope this helps, as I said, I am limited in skills using flash though I can always help with ideas. Let me know if you would like any more suggestions :)

Camille Dogbe

Posted on 3/10/15 - Permalink

Thank you! I would love to see how you are using Flash with this as well.