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Animate to Educate (To The Core) with Adobe Edge Animate [pdf version]

Technical Tutorial Published 9/6/13 Last updated on 2/28/20

For my Windows and Android friends:

This .pdf version of my iBook shows each step as described in the iBook, but with static images, videos and animations. All of the processes used may be created with Edge Animate on Windows or Mac except the widgets for iBooks Author (Mac only).

Comments, for or against using this format, are very much appreciated for future tutorials.

Age Levels
ISTE Standards
Students: Innovative Designer, Students: Knowledge Constructor

Edge Animate for Windows or Mac

Photo editor (Fireworks or Photoshop)

For Widgets - iBooks Author (Mac only)

For iBooks to read - iOS device only

CC License
Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
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Jake Yan Lan

Posted on 1/7/14 6:07:05 PM Permalink

I was expecting a video, but a pdf to learn how to animate? Why not use animation? Just a thought!

Brian Dawson

Posted on 1/8/14 12:02:49 PM Permalink

Hey Jake,

Thanks for your note.

The pdf was an afterthought and was intended to give the Windows and Android users a little touch to get them interested. My iBook here: has videos, animations and many other multimedia assets contained within that help with the instruction. At the time, iBooks was only available for iOS devices, but now with the Mac OS - Mavericks, my iBook may be read on a Mac as well. If you are interested in seeing the videos and animations generated using Edge, feel free to download my iBook for free on the iTunes Bookstore.