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Olympic Sport Promotional Cover

Project Published 10/4/12 Last updated on 2/28/20
This assignment focuses on a promotional cover design for a Olympic Sport. The assignment files covers technical and aesthetic best practices for single page composition utilizing the Adobe Illustrator application.

Hello Adobe Education Exchange,

Last year my project submission of Panoramic Photograhy won an honorable mention in the Educator's Choice Awards and was featured in the November 2011 Adobe Education e-newsletter.
I cannot put into words how excited this recognition made me feel. I started working with Adobe products at the first release of Adobe Photshop and I have been working with Adobe products ever since.
Adobe software has truely changed my life in regards to education and career choices. I appreciate all that the Adobe staff efforts that are put into the creation of all medias.

I apoligize for submitting this course assignment file so close to the deadline. I started this assignment over 10 years in the classroom and have been revising and adding new materials over the years. This current version is used in my online Introduction to Digital Graphic Design course and is a culmination of my own personal technical and aesthetic knowledge and excellent student examples.
There is a general overview video demonstration of the assignment link within the assignment itself.

I hope you find this assignment example consistent with Adobe's educational direction.

Thank you - for everything!

Max Blobner

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